Monday, January 26, 2009


Zemana Anti-UltraSurf

UltraSurf is hard to block at the IPS / IDS level because it uses peer-to-peer technology and several obfuscation techniques, making it difficult for network operators to identify associated traffic.

UltraSurf encrypts data transmitted over the Internet between peers and is especially good at circumventing security limitations. Entering via common channels like https (Web SSL) ports, UltraSurf is usually successful at passing corporate firewalls/proxy servers and content filters.

UltraSurf designers are making the software even trickier with every new version.

Zemana Anti-UltraSurf uses heuristic analysis to identify and block UltraSurf’s traffic rather than
relying on hash signatures.

Zemana Anti-UltraSurf can block traffic generated by all original and modified versions of UltraSurf
with zero false positives.

Permission is granted for use of this software to anyone for any purpose, including commercial

System Requirements:
Operating Systems Supported:
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP with SP2 or more
Windows Server/Workstation 2000 with SP4 or higher
Windows Server/Workstation 2003
Windows Server/Workstation 2008
Windows Server/Workstation 2012 or 2012 R2
Hardware Requirements:
At least 12 MB free main memory
At least 20 MB free disk space
At least 300 MHz processor
The setup is MSI Software Installation file and you can use Active Directory in Windows Server
to configure the group policy applied to a domain so that Anti-UltraSurf is automatically deployed
to all Windows Client computers in that domain.

Home users, please note that you must be logged-in as a user with
administrative rights in order to install or run Zemana UltraSurf.

Release Notes:

22 Jaunary 2014 v3.0:
- Fixed a memory leak

10 April 2012 v2.0: 
    - First stable release
    - Added Windows 8 support
    - Added multi-port support
    - Fixed minor issue with hibernate/sleep
    - Various corrections to improve overall stability.

26 January 2009 v1.0:
    - Beta release


Please report any issues or bugs via the Zemana Support Center.



    If we had an Ultrasurf block, also China had this, so Ultrareach would take any efforts to circumvent this too. You can't stop going this. YOU CAN'T!

    Edit: In fact you can: just unplug your internet connection. This really helps.

    :) :)

  2. If anyone want a solution in malay, feel free to go to my blog..

    thanks to zemana for this great solution...

  3. Oye buen software Gracias...thanks,
    de verdad hacia falta esta solución.

  4. Thanks for sharing this nice article,

    Get latest Ultrasurf

  5. Guys just to let you know this software has a major bug,

    It causes to fill up virtual memory and your computers will start popping up with these low memory please shutdown programs.

    After uninstalling this software the problem has gone so it shows that the software has a major memory leakage problem which causes major services to force shutdown.

  6. Program sistem belleğini çok fazla yiyor programda bellek açısından sıkıntı var. bilgisayarlara active directory ile kurdum ancak 2 3 gün içinde bellek sorunları ortaya çıktı programı sonlandırınca sistem kendine geliyordu mecburen sistemden kaldırmak zorunda kaldım bellek sorunu olmasaydı program işini yapıyor ancak bellek sorunu var

    1. Kesinlikle dogru. Bu pc lere uzak erisim bile yapilamiyor. swap tan yedigi halde pc iflah olmuyor. ram i somuruyor...

  7. İlginiz için teşekkürler, ekip arkadaşlarıma ilettim. Problemi en kısa zamanda inceleyeceklerdir.

  8. Man for God's sake, this program is good, but that memory leakage KILLS it. I can't use it on any machine, it will just suck up all the RAM in a few minutes. Please make a new version, it's not that hard to solve, and you will help MANY people in the world.
    Thank you very much!

  9. Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the bug:) Problems seems to be related to a bug in one of the APIs we use. A new version will be released very soon. Thanks!

  10. Hi all, I need some solution against Ultra-Surf ASAP. I tried to install Zemana and it worked, but there are several issues with it and Virtual Memory exhaustion is the most critical one. I hope it will be fixed soon.
    On some Win 7 machines there was impossible to install it due to problems with installation package (.msi), probably Windows Installer etc. I think it would be better to pack it as .exe installer.

  11. I tried to find ver. 2... of Anti-UltraSurf and after a long time I have found it somewhere on the net. It is much better than the first one, no problems with installing on any machine, succesfully blocks UltraSurf exactly as I wish to do it. Now I am testing it in one of the classrooms and everything seems to be OK so far. I am looking forward to the new version. Good luck!

    1. link donwload anti-ultrasurf in die you can sent to me with skype it_hong_hai thanks

  12. Anti Ultrasurf eats memory

    After installing the RAM memory antiultrasurf of computer equipment is behaving strangely, and it slowly starts to cosumir memory to the point of blocking the entire computer.

  13. Güzel olmuş elinize sağlık. Programı görev yöneticisinden kapatmak mümkün olmasa daha çok işime yarardı. Zira bizim öğrenciler bir şekilde bunu keşfederler... Bu konuda bir şeyler yapabilir miyiz acaba?

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