Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zemana Safe Banking v1.0 in the Intel® Atom™ Store

Zemana Safe Banking v1.0 will be available very soon in the Intel® Atom™ Store.

Intel® Launches Atom™ Store in the near future. The "Intel® Atom™ Store" itself is the client installation part that goes on a netbook, phone, mobile Internet device or some other device, which connects to the app store, manages the user's installed apps, checks for updates and so on.

Our engineers developed new free security application, which will run on this platform and it is designed to intercept Bankers Trojans at the point before private financial information enters the secure web sites, or https, and blocks the applications trying to record SSL data before the encryption takes place. It has powerful proactive response and eliminates threats from SSL Banker Trojans. It detects serious threats that the other IT security products miss. Its unique technology detects when Bankers Trojan runs on your computer, and proactively shuts it down - before it can steal your identity or hurt your computer.”

The product will be available when Intel® launches the store and it will run only on Intel® Atom™ based netbooks with the following operation systems:
Window XP and Windows7. Windows Vista will not support it.

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