Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Noodles & Company experienced a data breach

Noodles & Company, a restaurant chain operator, is suspecting that they have experienced a problem with security of payment information of some its customers.

On some of their locations, between 21th January and 2nd June possible data breach could have experienced customers that have made their payments by using debit or credit cards.

The restaurant chain operator is now working to reveal what may have caused this incident and what information was compromised.

Till now, the company has confirmed that their customers who have been affected with the malware are no longer at risk.

Organization's responsibility

Nowadays, with the tremendous increase in data breaches, it is the responsibility of the organization to secure its customer's private data. Now, everyone is a potential victim. It is the task of every organization to minimize security holes within their organization and to take care of  their customers personal data and their own as well. 

Either you reduce the risk from a cyber-attack or the number of your clients will reduce. 

Stay safe.


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