Friday, June 17, 2016

Russian Hackers targeting Donald Trump presidential campaign

Russian Hackers got caught in the Democratic National Committee network and hacked the entire database of opposition research on presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Since no financial data has been stolen, everyone thinks that espionage was the major motive.

Russian hackers were also targeting the networks of Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and other political action committees.

They are divided into two notorious groups code named as "Cozy Bear" and "Fancy Bear,". This was not their first attack on a national government. For these action they are famous worldwide according to Crowdstrike.

As stated by Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director at Webroot - “This was a major compromise, and more concerning is that the DNC and other US government groups know they are in the cross hairs of cyber espionage. The confirmation that Russia was behind both attacks is not surprising. However, there could have been much worse outcomes from a breach by hackers, or by the political opposition – Cybergate!

Cyber-security must overgrow cyber-crime or safety will become an unknown noun!

Stay safe!

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