Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ransomware steals the show and gets on TV

Surprised? You shouldn't be.

TV also falls under devices that are highly used worldwide, so it immediately becomes an interesting attack point for cyber criminals.

If you wanted to watch your favorite TV show tonight, don’t bother. Ransomware is now there. Researchers found a new type of ransomware that is capable of locking Android-powered smart phones and televisions.

Launched last year in April, Frantic Locker (FLocker) was firstly interested in Android phones; however, it now creates problems for TV owners as well.

Since its release in 2015, Trend Micro has gathered 7,000 variants of the code. The latest spike came in mid-April with over 1,200 new variants. The author is definitely changing the routine and finding new ways to attack.

How does it work? It freezes your screen, pretends to be the US Cyber Police, and shows a fake notice where it accuses victims of crimes they didn't commit. Afterward, it demands a $200 iTunes gift card as ransom.

What can you do? Enable ADB debugging "Users can connect their device with a PC and launch the ADB shell and execute the command 'PM clear %pkg%.” This kills the ransomware process and unlocks the screen. Users can then deactivate the device admin privilege granted to the application and uninstall the app.

Don't start to panic. There are some safe areas where this malware shuts down immediately: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, and Belarus.

However, other areas should take some precautions because they are definitely at risk.
If you don't have any security installed, do it now. If you get infected, contact your device vendor.

This is not the end—more and more devices share operating system features with their computing and Smartphone devices.

Stay safe.

Trend Micro: "FLocker Mobile Ransomware Crosses to Smart TV"

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