Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HACKED: Pokemon GO servers are down

Last weekend, worldwide known smart phone game, Pokémon Go experienced some problems since their servers were offline for a while, so Pokémon Go players couldn’t catch creatures over the weekend during a specific period of time.

Once the players tried to play Pokémon GO they will announce that their servers are down due to a incredible response and they are working to solve the issue.

What really caused the downtime of Pokémon Go?

Hackers are taking credit for it. If you remember the hacking attack on Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckenber and Google CEO, Sundar Pichai then you know this hacking group – OurMine. They were among the groups tacking credit for the downtime of Pokémon Go.

Besides them, PoodleCorp, follows the same path and goes in the crowd claiming that they were the one putting the servers down. To proof their statement they announced that on 1st August, Pokémon Go servers will go down.

Everyone wants to get famous over Pokémon Go.

Even though hacking groups were claiming that they are the ones responsible for the Pokémon Go downtime, the official statement of the highly popular game was just that they have resolved the issue and that the game is up and running, without any mention of a DDoS attack.

The real cause of Pokemon Go downtime only their developers know but this kind of highly popular apps are very interesting to hackers therefore check out how to safely play the game and always have a security app on your phone, since a new threat may be coming very soon.

Stay safe!



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