Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokémon Go catches all your personal data

While you catch Pokémon creatures, Pokémon Go catches a lot of your personal information.

The problem here is not only the location tracking or the linkage with your Google account where the app gets most of the data but also most users are accepting a level of complete monitoring since the game is about GPS-based hunting.

If you are using Pokémon Go through your Google account you should think twice since Nintendo and developer Niantic were formerly owned by Google, but they are also still part of its investment portfolio so they have full access to your account. 

By having full access to your account they can see and extract just about everything that is linked to your account.

Even though the game is still young it has already millions of users worldwide. Keeping in mind that it also extracts all you data it carries a huge risk as well. If a hackers attacks your account all the information linked to your account are out.

Having in mind that millions of users are using the app, imagine the damage if it gets hacked.

But let us put aside the possibility of a data leakage, which would definitely be a nightmare to any of us but what about the privacy intrusion from these two companies that already have full access to see and edit all our data. Where is our privacy?!

Now, by saying this we don’t accuse them that they are misusing our accounts and doing all this harmful activities to us but for what they need all this access.

However, Niantic has clarified that this kind of access was not their attention at all and that they would never misuse users account information. They were only using users e-mail address and user ID. The company will definitely fix this in the upcoming update. For now, probably most users will continue with playing the game and they should but you can also consider opening another account-just in case.

Stay safe!



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