Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Spotify sells users info to third-party buyers

Most of us go every day to different app stores and download free apps just to test them out or to use them for daily activities. Free apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have millions of users worldwide that are building their online identities around it.

Of course, these worldwide free apps don’t ask for money but they definitely ask for your info and they extract user data all the time and use it for targeted advertising.

It didn’t take long for another worldwide popular free app to join this list.

Spotify, a widely known and used music streaming service announced that they sell user data to third parties that will be eventually used for targeted advertising, but they named it in a more considerable way - "programmatic buying".

What does this mean?

Million of Spotify users will be now exposed to different ads, it is just the matter to which "behavioral segment" they belong to based on their calculations.

Now, Spotify offers audio spots with the length of 15 and 30 second for their mobile platform in real time and they will be displayed to users according to their behavioral segment and these spots will be targeting a specific time of day.

E.g. sleeping ads will be displayed to users when it’s just time for bed, or running gear adds will be displayed to users who have a running playlist.

There are many variations that Spotify can offer due to the range of genres and activity playlists available in the app.

Users worldwide are already used to this standard practice, starting with Facebook and others. 

Spotify is joining the crowd and it will not affect user experience dramatically since targeted advertising is a common online activity nowadays and they have been always present on free platforms.

What Spotify can do is to make the targeted advertising activity not so aggressive and make the ads really interesting and relevant to the users.

This is the thing with free apps, at some part you become the customer but Spotify solved the problem with offering their pro version that is free of advertising campaigns.

Choose the one that fits the best to you:)

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