Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Epic Games hacked again –800,000 gamers personal info exposed online

 Just few days ago, we have been mentioning how gamingindustry takes a huge part of the software development industry and how cyber criminals always try to attack with different techniques.

Well, here it comes. Online forums run by Epic Games have been hacked and more than 800,000 personal info from their users is exposed.

The organization which is well known for developing games such as Tournament, Gears of War and Infinity Blad has experienced a major hack last year and now they were hit again.

The hacking attack has put thousands of user’s private information at risk such as: usernames, birth date, passwords, comments section, private messages and other sensitive info.

Below you can find the statement published on Unreal Engine forum site:

Ok. Passwords are safe so they think it’s good to go but most users are not aware that cyber criminals can misuse their other exposed info in many other malicious ways like sending malware to the stolen email addresses, using social engineering tactic, phishing scams and etc.

Question that arises here is: What is causing these major hacks?

According to ESET Blog, the problem appears to be the usage of out-of-date version of the vBulletin software that has SQL injection vulnerabilities which basically means that hackers have a free way to attack and steal users’ info.

After their first major breach, EpicGames should work on their problems but they didn’t since two times their same security vulnerability has been misused by hackers.

What to do now?

EpicGames should definitely work on their problems and fix their security issues right away. On the other hand, gamers should protect themselves by using complex passwords for each of their accounts.
For those who have their info exposed with this hack, we recommend installing security software that will block any attempt of cyber criminals to misuse your stolen email address.

Main point here is that it’s the organizations’ responsibility to take care of their clients’/users’ data therefore we advise every business to don’t  play with their luck and to implement the right security solution within their work frames.


  1. I think this company has a system of protection was poorly configured and for this reason there was such a theft of accounts. Luckily my development team software never allow such a problem.

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