Tuesday, August 2, 2016

'PokéMalware': Every hour 8 new malicious Pokémon Go apps are released

Following the Pokémon Go’s app launch in UK, every hour approximately eight new malicious clones of the app were released so within one day in total there were 215 fake unofficial clones of Pokémon Go app or also called 'PokéMalware' that were present across 21 different app stores - ITPRO reports.

Users have to stay aware about these malicious activities because if they install a fake version of Pokémon Go app on their device it can bring them harm and put their device on high danger.

"Approximately half of these unofficial apps are requesting broad permissions from users, risking data exposure via mobile devices," Ben Harknett - Vice president of RiskIQ EMEA

Malware researcher Lukáš Štefanko, found a malicious version hanging out in the Google Play Store. This 'Pokémon Go Ultimate' is dangerous in the way that it hides in the background and clicks on different malicious ads and even forces you to reboot your device.

However, as explained by the researcher since it contains lockscreen functionality it will not take long before it evolves in a real lockscreen ransomware.

Game insanity

PokeMalware is actually more famous than Pokémon Go itself. The reason why is that this kind of worldwide appealing games forces users to download anything related that even mentions Pokemon in the title or description.

For users it is important to catch all Pokémon creatures. For hackers it is important to catch all users’ data.

In of our latest post we mentioned that researchers discovered a malicious version of the Pokémon Go app that was modified in order to include the malicious remote access tool (RAT) known as DroidJack which gives the attackers the possibility to fully control victim’s phone.  However, in less than 72 hours the malicious APK was already uploaded to the malicious file repository.

PokeMalware will not stop

Therefore, security experts advise to stay aware on this matter and to always check the source of the app before running it. You can read more here about ways how to locate fake version of the Pokémon Go app in case you have already downloaded it but you are not even aware of it.

We understand that users embrace the risk and download anything just to catch all the Pokémon creatures. Simply, it is a hassle to check over and over again the source of everything you plan to download.

We have some good news for you. There is again a way how to stay safe.

Let Zemana Mobile Antivirus check for you!

You can download whatever you want without second guessing, because once you install Zemana Mobile Antivirus nothing malicious can pass by. It blocks any malicious app before running.

You catch Pokemon creatures and let us catch malware.

Stay safe!

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