Monday, July 24, 2017

Announcing Zemana Endpoint Security, advanced security solution for businesses

Starting with the pioneer in anti-keylogger protection which was released back in 2009 we continued with three product releases in 2015-Zemana AntiMalware, now the fastest malware scanner in the market, Zemana Mobile Antivirus, mobile security solution and only android anti-keylogger app available, and we finalized the year with Zemana SafeOnline, a comprehensive business security solution for vulnerable external endpoints.

Today, we are happy to announce Zemana Endpoint Security, the security solution for your business.

Arm your business

Zemana Endpoint Security is an advanced security solution, designed for Windows platform that includes anti-malware, antivirus and anti-ransomware security features managed by a Control Center.
Easy network security management and flexible licensing models makes it a perfect security solution for a business environment.  

Key technology features of our new business solution:

Antivirus for Workstations and Servers 
Real-time Protection
Heuristic Threat Control
Application Blocking
Search Advisor
Keyword Filtering
Advanced Reporting Module
Blocks malicious websites/ Browser toolbar
Anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection

Boost business productivity 

But we don't stop there. We know that in every business productivity is of major importance and we don't want to kill it with complex security platforms just to show of.

We at Zemana believe that beauty lies in simplicity.

To not make your IT security employees lose time on deployment, set up, control and ongoing testing, we have made it all simple.

This is why the key benefits of Zemana Endpoint Security for your business, besides advanced threat detection and remediation, is easy deployment and integration, simple network security management
and an easy to use Central management console which makes you control the whole thing.

Control Center

The control center has policy based centralized management, flexible scan scheduling, reporting module with scheduled reports feature where you get all the info you need.

Zemana Endpoint Security is available starting from now, so don't wait and visit our website or reach out to our friendly folks from sales to learn more. They will be more than happy to walk you through.

Inside tip: It's worth it. Go for it now! 

Stay safe with Zemana!


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