Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Join the HEART HUNT game on our website!

Our #zemanalove campaign continues!

That is why we have prepared a special treat for you on Valentine's Day!

Don't worry if you haven't found your Valentine yet - show your love for Zemana by finding 20 out of 25 hearts that we have hidden all over our website and win a FREE LICENSE!

If you find 20 hearts, we will award you with a free license for Zemana AntiMalware!

The game begins on February 14 and ends on February 18.

Have fun  :)


  1. Even before the beginning of the game I gave my heart, and all the supporters of my IT business follow me ... to give our hearts to a good product ... and trust ... not just for Valentines Day - much longer ... that's why I'm using it and my supporters trust me and ZEMANA - so ... keep the good work ... you'll WIN a lot more hearts ... don't be restricted how many FREE LICENCES you'll give - be motivated how many more hearts you'll win !!! Fully dedicated to help you solve all of your Computer software related issues.

    Yours truly,
    Joseph Snauc
    Technology for Sick Computers – Cowra
    You’re friendly “PC Doctor”

    1. Hello Joseph! Once again, thank you for your constant support! Stay safe with Zemana :)

  2. Replies
    1. You are most welcome, we are glad you like it! Stay safe with Zemana :)

  3. Hi Zemana,

    Firstly Happy Valentines day. Hope everyone there are having a blast of a time :)

    My Question how will people be able to collect these hearts? Are they clickable objects or how is this going to work :) Just me wondering because I really want your great software.

    I love this idea of finding these hearts ^_^

    Have a Great Valentines day & Thanks for the awesome software,

    1. Hello Jacques! The game is about to start - you can find all instructions on how to play in our latest blog:

      Have fun :)