ANDROID USERS BEWARE: Godless malware is here

On the app market there is a new promo combo for Android users powered by Godless malware. Install an app and get free malware.

Interested? Definitely no.

Every one of us is visiting different app stores every day looking to install some apps we need or that look interesting to us. However, no one from us while doing our daily app install tour wants to download an app that comes with malware.

Trend Micro calls it The Godless malware since it is capable to pass all security checks at app stores like Google Play.

The new Malware is targeting devices running Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and previous which means that 90% of Android devices are at risk.

How it harms you?

It hides inside the app that you have installed but that looks perfectly legitimate to you. Once installed, it uses various exploits to root your Android device. It has full control over your phone. It can install a spyware, keylogger and any kind of malware.

You think once it is installed, you will just remove it and that is it. With this evil boy it doesn’t go like that. Once it finds its places on your device it is very hard to kick him out.

According to Trend Micro, on Google Play there is many of these these apps that contain this malicious code.

“The malicious apps we’ve seen that have this new remote routine range from utility apps like flashlights and Wi-Fi apps, to copies of popular game,” the company said.

Some apps are clean but have a corresponding malicious version that shares the same developer certificate. The danger there is that users install the clean app but are then upgraded to the malicious version without them knowing. – Trend Micro.

850,000 affected devices

Till now there are 850,000 affected devices mainly located in India and southeast Asia.Less than 2 percent were in the U.S.

What should you do?

Always review the app you plan to install – search for all information about the developer or if you want to save your time install Zemana Mobile Security. It scans every app you download and it has the power to detect the malware prior it harms you and your device.

Stay safe.

Posted by Emre

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