Arm your Android device with an anti-keylogger

Checking your Android device, from time to time, for a secret keylogger that is able to record whatever you do, will certainly not harm you. But doing nothing and letting an app do everything for you sounds even better. Did you ever hear about android anti-keylogger? 
Secret spy in your device
Having your data stolen is definitely not your dream scenario. If we go back in the near past, we can localize few keylogger attacks on Android devices that made the security alerts for Android users go high up! 
The scene with Flash Keyboard was definitely among them. The app was actually among the most popular apps on Google Play Store if we look at the download rate, until cyber security companies revealed that the app was stealing users’ data without their permission and then sending the info (GPS location, email address and etc.) to various servers located in China, United States and the Netherlands. Once found out Google removed the app from the store. 
Another keylogger attack scenario happened with the perfect legitimate Android Keyboard application – SwiftKey that was infected with a Trojan that turned the app into a keylogger.


Anti-keylogger – let’s keep private as private
Having in mind the above scenarios, which are not the only examples of keylogging attacks, and the fact that more and more advanced versions of keyloggers are coming to the surface – a security shield is highly needed.
Anti-keylogger feature for Android devices keeps your private data as private and besides a usual malware scanner and real-time protection that most of the security apps have, the anti-keylogger is an additional layer of protection which is specifically designed to detect and block the keylogger that may be lurking around in your device.
It detects malicious keyboard applications, password managers and SMS applications that track everything you type, even legitimate keyboard applications which are modified by hackers.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing
Downloading a security app is the first step in securing your device but what is even more important is the human factor which in many cases leads to these attacks. Advanced version of keyloggers have the ability to trick users worldwide, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in order to get what they want. Simply by putting a nice mask, something that we are familiar with, they are covering their real malicious face. It is always good to download an app from reliable sources and to always review what is the app asking us to do. By simply clicking next, next, next and agree can lead to many unwanted situations.
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