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Sphinx Banking Trojan is part of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

Sphinx Banking Trojan is part of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and definitely it’s taking Gold! The banking Trojan is targeting banks and payment methods in Brazil. Everyone could expect that a cyber attack will happen during this particular time since thousands of people are visiting and everyone is purely focused on the games and ...

Online Banking Certification

Zemana got a perfect score on MRG Effitas Online Banking Certification

MRG Effitas, a UK-based independent IT security research company publishes an Online Banking Certification Report every year for the last four years. Since 2013, that single report has been replaced by quarterly assessments. In the latest report Q2 2016 they have tested a group of internet security suits and anti-financial fraud applications whereby Zemana AntiLogger ...


Android Banking Trojan “Marcher” is here again!

  After Svpeng, which was the first of its kind, “Marcher”, Android Banking Trojan, is now one of the most prevalent Android passwords stealers. It is designed to target mobile app credentials from customers of variety of banks.    Marcher at a glance Its first stage appearance happened in late 2013 where its main aim ...