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trust in technology

Are constant data breaches making people lose trust in technology?

“In today’s digital business environment, trust is built on two major components: ethics and security. Trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy.” – Accenture Technology. The Internet Society (ISOC), expressed a concern that constant data breaches are seriously affecting people’s trust in technology. Digital trust is actually not a process but rather a result of ...


What are bootkits and rootkits and why are they so scary?

While it’s hip and trendy to write and talk about ransomware variants, we should also not forget to spread the word on malware that is located deep into a machine’s boot process or firmware and which can get unrestricted access to the entire computer. The ones that keep malware analyst bump their head on the ...

healthcare breaches

Healthcare breaches: easy profit plus+lack of security protection

2015 was “the year of the healthcare breaches”-according to IBM, 2016 Cyber Security Index. During the last year, 47% of the United states population experienced a personal healthcare data breach. Out of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors, the Healthcare industry suffered from the most recent data healthcare breaches, an estimated ~21% – according to Gemalto’s ...


Why is cyber security essential in video games development?

When software development started to become a hit worldwide, cyber security matters were not that important. Everyone just focused on the functionality of the software itself and no one had time to focus on security issues since cyber criminal was not that famous then. Now with the increase of cyber criminal, security became a top ...


How much data breaches affect company value?

With an overgrowing increase of malware samples and variants (near 600 million) in this year only , the average cost of data breaches has been estimated to reach $4 million-as according to Liviu Arsene, Senior E-Threat Analyst. Gartner, American research and advisory firm, conducted an analysis on last year data breaches stats and estimated that people worldwide will ...


Why do you need Anti-keylogging app on your PC?

We came to a point where users worldwide are afraid to enjoy technology due to an increased number of security threats. I mean, one day you wake up to start your day as normal as usual and you decide to engage with a perfectly legitimate website in order to buy something for yourself without suspecting ... using ShellExecuteHooks to hijack your browsers

Yesterday while doing my usual malware analysis, I discovered new browser hijacker being pushed by malware downloaders. It comes from the same authors of original YesSearches malware that became extremely popular along with its younger Hohosearch brother. This malware uses ShellExecuteHooks method to load address as soon as you start your browser. During the ...