Release Notes: Zemana levels up protection with Artificial Intelligence

After years of working in the cybersecurity field, we realized the time came to take out different weapons to fight all those threats.

In December last year, we started a journey together with you where we promised that we will design a security product for you that is the best you deserve.

And we started by developing a Forever Free malware removal tool (Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Free) that helps you clean all kind of malware from your PC. For Free. Without Limits.

To be safe in your cyberspace shouldn’t be a luxury. 

With this, we made a new step in our cyber-security endeavors where we decided to build only what matters. No unnecessary features. No robust protection that harrases your PC. Just pure smart and simple methods that will keep you safe in your online journey.

No false promises.

And here we are a couple of months later excited to deliver you another great news.


Level it up

To stay safe In the Online World today is harder than ever. And most importantly to be safe became one of the basic needs we all need to have satisfied. A forever free malware removal tool is a basic need in this modern World that all of us need to have.  And luckily with Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Free, we all have that now.

But beyond that, we need protection that keeps us safe in real-time and doesn’t even let any kind of malware pass the protective barrier. So we made the next step in your protection system.

As technology gets advanced at an increasing speed, both of its faces, the good side and the bad side of it advance parallelly.

The Bad is malware, the Good side is us.

As malware creators are becoming smarter and smarter to infect your PC with some malware variant, we pull out the same weapons and decide to use them for good causes. We fundamentally re-engineered all our cyber defense tactics and instead of thinking small we went Big.

We realized: To stay safe in this environment you have to have smarter weapons.

Think Big. Think AI.

We empowered cybersecurity with Artifical Intelligence. We crafted a model that works with the power of the neural network force at an outstanding speed and performance level. We call it the Smart Real-Time Protection.

Smart Real-Time Protection Highlights

The smartest and the most powerful protection is available now with our Neural engine. Crafted carefully, to keep you safe.  Check the highlights:

  • Powerful Neural (AI) engine
  • Outstanding performance
  • Advanced next-gen protection methods
  • Works in offline mode as well


Alright. We listed all of them and they sound amazing. Zemana’s AI-powered Smart Real-Time protection technology is incorporated in Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Premium and is available to you right away.

The protection model is small in size but powerful in performance. The neural engine consumes a small fraction of your system resources while defending your device against advanced security threats.

Besides, we can no longer rely on old cybersecurity methods. The neural engine gets smarter day by day and protects you from newly created threats and threats that pass by old traditional methods of protection.

To fight social advanced malware attacks, we developed specialized machine learning and deep learning behavioral models that are designed to catch any threat. See how it works.

How it works?

The model consists of two components: the SDK and AI engine. While the SDK plays the main role in processing all files and programs the AI engine decides if it is malicious or not and send back the information to the SDK.



At any moment you decide to run a file on your PC, Zemana AntiMalware will deeply analyze the behavior of that file by asking the AI engine if the file is malicious or not.

All this is done at an outstanding speed and most importantly it is available to you in offline mode as well. You don’t need an Internet connection to stay safe in real-time anymore.

Want all of this?

1. Download ZAM 3.0 Premium Beta

2. Activate Smart Real-Time protection:)

2. Enjoy the smart protection you deserve


About ZAM 3.0?

We analyzed all the feedback you send us over the years and a solution strike through our minds.

We want to build a product that solves your problem.

You want to be safe in your cyber journey. You download Zemana AntiMalware, activate all protection models and you are good to go. Simple as that. And most importantly, we want to bring you on that journey of ours and help us make it the best antimalware it can be. So, let’s go. Download ZAM 3.0 Premium Beta, send us your feedback and let’s craft together.

Oh, and one more thing.

Thank you for all your support. Nothing of this would be possible without you.

You rock.

Check out our website.

Why clicking the “X” closes Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 on my PC?

Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 is a free malware removal tool. The main purpose of this product is to detected and remove malware from your PC. For free.

Having said that, recently we have seen many support request asking: Why Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 closes when we click on “X”?

For one simple reason.

It doesn’t work in the background because it is a free removal tool and we do it for your overall PC’s health and for the better user experience. There is no need for this product to run in the background because there are no additional and unnecessary features on the product that require running in the background.

This product runs only when you keep it open because this is how the product works. So, whenever you suspect you have malware just open Zemana AntiMalware, detect the malware and remove it. Voila, that’s it. 🙂

However, you can open it again and again as much as you want. Just keep in mind it runs only when it is opened. 🙂


ZMA Release Notes: Surf the Internet! We will protect you for FREE!

From today we say NO to malicious websites. Enough is enough.

We are all browsing through Internet on daily basis many many times. And while we are doing that we want to find many things that will entertain us, teach us, amuse us and etc.

…but what we certainly don’t want to find is malware.

You should enjoy browsing through the Internet and we decided to help you out with that.

In the previous release, we have pumped up our app with a brand new Cloud Scanner that has enhanced detection rate amazingly. Since then we worked hard to give you many other new things.

So, let’s see what we have done for you.

ZMA v1.7.9 highlights




Web Protection

Alright. The name says it all.

In the past months, we worked hard on this module that will keep you away from malicious websites. So it works like this (Let’s give you an example).


You take your phone and you try finding some interesting new shelf for your room. You open Google and start your shelf hunt. You find amazing things on interesting websites filled with many links. You click on the first one and you find this great shelf that you have been looking for. You click on another link: OMG you find an amazing new discount that redirects you to a new website. Click again.



Voila! We are there.

Every website that has a malicious code will be blocked.

How Web Protection works?

When the end user (in this case you) accesses any website via their device, Zemana Mobile Antivirus scans the URL that the end user wants to connect to and if we detect any malicious activity it immediately blocks end user’s interaction with the requested URL and loads a warning page that offers three options to end users to either: go back to safety, continue to the URL or add this preferred URL to white-list.

We don’t store any data of yours, we just scan the website you want to visit to see if there is any malicious code there or not.



Just like it was the case with The Cloud Scanner also in order to use Web Protection feature you have to accept EULA agreement once you launch the application. In case you decline the EULA, unfortunately, you will be unable to access this feature. So, please make sure to accept it.

Everyone on board? Great. Let’s move on.

This app is for you

We made some small design modifications in the app and some statements that say a few words about the team behind the app. It’s actually a small team but with a great will to provide you with a malware free journey.



As you can see we have also a new logo, we inserted some fresh new colors and reorganized the order in the settings bar menu so you always have access to the most important features at the top and at the bottom you have your license info and also a way how to reach out to us any time you wish.



So, to summarize all.

  • You know those annoying malicious websites. Well, we block them all now.
  • We made some in-design changes and made the app “prettier”.
  • And as usual some minor bug fixes and improvements:)

What’s up next?

For our next move, we are waiting for your feedback. We have some ideas for now: Dark mode implementation and scan scheduler.

What do you think about those?

Send us your ideas and let’s discuss them together.


Update Logic Mishandle in Zemana AntiMalware 2.0: Fixed

Yes, it is true we that there was a critical vulnerability discovered in ZAM 2.0 update integrity check. Some of you probably read about it in one of the threads on Malware Tips or other websites.

However, keep in mind that this vulnerability is not and never was present in our Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Beta version.

In this blog post, we want to share with you the resolution to this concern. Yesterday, we fixed the issue and released a new update of ZAM 2.0, where we successfully fixed the update logic mishandle.

In the text below, you can find more information.

Update Integrity Check Vulnerability

A remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered related to update file integrity check. This vulnerability, caused by mishandling update logic, resulted in Zemana AntiMalware version providing a weaker security than expected.

It allowed man-in-the-middle attackers to execute arbitrary code by spoofing the update server and uploading an executable. Due to this flaw, a remote attacker (only on the same network) could launch further attacks on the system by bypassing applications update file integrity check and executing any file with system rights.

This vulnerability has been assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2019-6440

ZAM 2.0 New Update

Some of you are probably still concerned or wondering if the vulnerability still exists, but we assure you there is no need to worry because we successfully fixed it.

In order to resolve the issue and improve our product, we released a new update of Zemana AntiMalware 2.0, which includes fixes for this vulnerability.

You can download it here.

What About ZAM 3.0?

As mentioned above, there never was an update logic mishandle or any critical vulnerabilities in our latest Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Beta version. You can check out our release notes here and see what’s new in ZAM 3.0.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this vulnerability or anything else, know that you can always contact us at: Our team members will be happy to talk to you and help you out.

Release notes: In 2019 let’s clean that malware, shall we?

Maybe last year we have been quiet but this year we will be loud. So, we yell:

  • REMOVE that malware
  • MAKE that PC clean
  • WE want a fast scan
  • WE don’t want malware!

You know how they say, send out positive energy to the universe and the universe will give you back more. Well, we don’t know if that sh*t works, but we know that when we listen to our users we build and work better.

So, we did that. In the past 12 months, we have been working heavily on our new product that contains all the suggestions you had been sending us over the years.

All these suggestions, hard work, and blood sweat and tears of Zemana team are packed in software named Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Beta.

Why 12 months you ask? We developed this product from scratch. Everything you see is brand new, developed with the spirits of young 20+ people eager to satisfy their users.

Ok, less talk and more action. Let us show you what we did:

Super Scan Speed

One of the most recognizable and favorite traits of our Zemana 2.0 was its fast scanner. It was designed to scan your PC in less than 5 min. But this time, we went even further.

We improved the scanning speed of ZAM 3.0 by decreasing it to 20 sec.

Sure, this depends on the state of your device.

Improved Detection

A bunch of our users wrote to us and expressed their discontent with our detection rate and removal efficiency in ZAM 2.0. So, it became obvious we needed to work on this feature.

We raised to the latest trends in technology and with the help of deep learning methods we successfully enhanced this part of our product.

Scanning in Safe Mode

Safe Mode scanning feature was not available in ZAM 2.0. Therefore, you will be happy to learn that we implemented this feature. From now on, with ZAM 3.0, you will be able to scan your PC in Safe Mode without any problems. We wrote more stuff about safe mode here.

Out with the Old, In with the New

We also gave a new, fresh look to our ZAM 3.0. We made the user interface simpler, friendlier, much more engaging, and effective in meeting your needs.

But there is one more very important part of Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Beta.

We put our product road-map in your hands

We faced the reality and we like this new reality a lot. We listen to you guys, we talk, we implement what you like, we solve your problems. You are happy and we are even happier.

How did we do that?

We added a special Feedback section that appears after you perform a scan.

Here, you will be able to tell us:

  • if the product was successful in solving your problems or not
  • what kind of issues you experienced
  • what features you would like to see in the next versions of the product
  • basically, anything you want to tell us. You can even drop us a simple Hi.

We put our product road-map in your hands. You are the ones who will lay foundations and then it is up to us to craft and improve the product based on that foundation.

Transparent (Openness)

Being transparent and open about everything across the company is a new way of life at Zemana.

All our actions here at Zemana will be totally transparent and available to you. So, since this post is about Zemana AntiMalware, we would like to mention here that all development steps for this product will be open to you.

We have created a public board where you can see all bug reports, feature requests, ideas, feedbacks and many more. No need to describe it further, you can see it by yourself here.

New Way

Today is a big day for us. We are entering a new era for Zemana with a clear and straightforward vision.

Using our products should be simple, easy and satisfying. They should help you and solve your problems. We realized that the only way to grow is together with our users.

So, what now? Download Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Beta and let’s rock.

ZAM 3.0 Release Notes: You Can Now Scan Your PC in Safe Mode Too!

With the help from all of you, our hard work on ZAM 3.0 continues.

Thanks to your comments, we realized that many of you were sad that the Safe Mode scanning feature was not available in ZAM 2.0.

So, you will be happy to learn that we changed this. From now on, with ZAM 3.0, you will be able to scan your PC in Safe Mode without any problems.

Let’s see what it is all about.

Here is How It Helps You

Many forms of malicious software will protect or reinstall themselves constantly if they are allowed to start in the first place. So, often the only way to correctly remove certain persistent virus and spyware programs is to run your system in safe mode.

Safe Mode starts your PC with a minimal set of drivers and services, enabling ZAM 3.0 to clean the malware. The basic idea is to allow a user (or a technical support worker) access to the Windows interface without loading any unnecessary drivers or software.

Safe Mode Options in ZAM 3.0

Windows offers you several different Safe Mode options. In the chart, you can see how our Cloud Scanner works with each of them:

Offline Scanner Online Scanner
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with
Safe Mode with Command Prompt  


However, we would recommend Safe Mode with Networking option, where ZAM 3.0 can work with full capacity (with both offline and online scanner).


ZAM 3.0 Release Notes: The New Version Is All About You

The progress on the beta version of our ZAM 3.0 is going great! All thanks to you, guys. However, there is still hard work to be done.

New ZAM 3.0 is all about you! In other words, we put our product road-map in your hands. You will lay foundations and then it is up to us to craft and improve the product based on your feedback.

Therefore, in the latest update, we have made some changes on the user interface of ZAM 3.0.

Let us show you what we did.

Feedback Section

After you perform a scan, a new Feedback Section will appear on UI, just like in the picture below.


We really need to know if the product was able to help you or not. This is highly important to us because your comments will help us in creating a bug free product.

Here Is How You Do It – So Simple!

If ZAM 3.0 detected and removed infections from your device, simply click the Yes button and tell us which issues it solved in the Tell Us More box.

On the other hand, let’s say you are certain that your device is infected but ZAM 3.0 did not detect any threats and you keep receiving notifications that your device is safe. In that case, click the No button and tell us what happened.

Where does your feedback go?

We created ZAM 3.0 Development Board and decided to share it publicly with all of you. Currently, we are regularly checking our user comments from our emails, blog, live chat, forums, product user interface and adding them to the board.

We will let you once the board is ready to go public and then you will be able to follow the process of requested actions – if they are in the progress, done or on hold.

We will also regularly update you on major changes and fixes we make on ZAM 3.0 here on our blog.