Cost of Hiring Deepfake Video Freelancer as Low as $20 Now

Faithful people, no matter which religion they belong to, believe in the Resurrection. This is one of their most powerful common denominators across many religions. If evils are increasing, the course of the apocalypse is accelerating. However, most people believe there are signs that forecast the coming of the apocalypse.

The foreseeable cyber apocalypse of our age is undoubtedly an epidemic of deepfake that will obscure the light of truth. As humanity becomes increasingly blind to the perception surrounding reality, life will become more and more fake. Evil will enslave people’s minds and consciences. Artificial intelligence (AI), the genius of technology, the product of human intelligence, will become a means of enslaving human intelligence thanks to its algorithms with superior learning abilities.

Deepfake’s Apocalypse

The signs of the Deepfake Apocalypse, which condemn the world from the light of truth to the darkness of the fake, are becoming increasingly visible. Mankind, on purpose, is running into catastrophe. It is no longer necessary to acquire evil abilities to spread deepfake evils. It’s enough to have bad intentions. When you press the money, online deepfake attackers from around the world are ready to produce desired fake synthetic media, javelin on online freelance business sites. Leased shooters entering the competition to fire the deepfake cyber-attack weapon, which will cause irreparable harm to people or institutions, is now cheaper than water. Is this not enough to hear Deepfake Apocalypse?

The fuse of this cyber disaster sparked more than two years ago. As has always been said on the germ of deepfakes was released into the online world. This was the first sign, quickly followed by others. Fake synthetic revenge pornography targeting women has become viral on social networks. Deepfake’s famous videos targeting politicians, business tycoons, and movie stars created instant media popularity. Software libraries and applications make it easy for every computer literate with malicious intent, a fast computer, time, and patience to produce deepfake media. The first portents of the Judgment of the Deepfake required the evil to perform evil personally. However, thanks to the production of deepfake on demand, anyone can build them. Deepfake subcontractors, perhaps for the sake of making only a few dollars, produce false synthetic media that darkens the lives of others.

Subcontracting deepfake competition led to dumping, which claims to be the world’s largest service freelance market bringing together 39 million employers and freelance employees from 247 countries, is now attracting attention on the production of deepfake. People with expertise across many areas like software development, copywriting, data entry, design, engineering, science, sales, marketing, accounting, and legal services are matched with those who want to contract their services. Deepfake’s media offerings for ambiguous advertisements and freelance applications indicate that subcontractors in this area are turning to dumping prices in a highly competitive manner. For example, an Indian employer, each demanding 100 deepfake video production services for around 2.5 minutes, announces that he wants to get an offer by auctioning off $100 per video. The employer in India wants a demo deepfake video sample from 30 seconds to 1 minute from the bidders and emphasizes that you will negotiate the offer with the freelance candidate who likes the demo video. The offer for 100 deepfake videos seems to have received offers from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, China, India, and Zambia between US $11,111 and US $6,111. Candidates from Russia and Ukraine offer to complete the work within 100, while others promise to deliver the job in just 30 days. For this announcement, the bid for the production of 1 deepfake video with open auction over $100 is reduced to $61. The site, where multiple advertisements of the same employer is displayed, also includes advertisements requesting deepfake video from other employers from countries around the world. It was noted that the applicants were young male freelancers from the Russian Federation, China, India, and various Arab or African countries.

Deepfake videos for less than $20?


Tom Van de Weghe, Foreign News reporter for the Belgian broadcaster VRT, says that after watching Barack Obama’s deepfake video, he turned to research this field. The claims the cost of ordering an online deepfake video is much cheaper than $20. The Belgian journalist who applied for the John S. Knight (JSK) Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University and thus joined the Deepfake Research Team at the university, said in a blog post on, “If you don’t have time or your graphics card (GPU) is not strong enough, you can now order the creation of a deepfake video online. For example, on YouTube, it’s easy to find people who charge less than $20 per video.”

As in the case of David Beckham’s global social responsibility campaign, which speaks nine languages, deepfake synthetic media can sometimes be seen as a powerful tool for good ends. However, there is no need to be an oracle to see the potential for misuse of deepfake media or the potential for this becoming a social and civil disaster. We, at Zemana, and several other global cybersecurity providers, are taking important steps towards developing preventive and stimulating technology that will protect online users from deepfake attacks. You can try our solution against deepfakes at It is essential to delay disaster and manufacture a solution. Those who make it so easy to produce and order Deepfake synthetic media online are undoubtedly partners in the responsibility of this cyber-disaster.

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