Facebook Account Mysteriously Hacked: The Police Was Not Able To Help

As we all know, social media can take all our free time and even create addiction.  This was the case with one Australian software support specialist, who recently decided to deactivate her Facebook account precisely to fight her social media addiction.

However, several months later, the account mysteriously appeared.

Different Password

According to 9news.com, an Australian website, Louise tried to login to her account, but she realized that the password has been changed. She was confused at first but eventually decided to forget about it.

The matter would have probably stayed forgotten if other two strange circumstances hadn’t happened. Few months later, Louise realized that she can’t access her other Facebook account either. This caused more confusion, so she decided to check her Instagram account.

This is when she realized that her Instagram account has been lost.

It Didn’t Stop There

This time she couldn’t just drop the matter and forget about it. Her active accounts have been lost and inaccessible. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

One day, after a short travel, she needed to check her emails but while trying to assign in to her account, she realized that somebody changed her password. At this point, it was rather obvious that someone hacked all her accounts.

The most frightening part was that they did this to try to gain access to her bank and Centrelink accounts.

 “There was also an address changed on my Centrelink account to an address that I have never heard of in my life.”

No Help From Facebook

Louise’s friends informed everyone on their social media profiles that Louise’s accounts have been hacked. Louise also wrote to Facebook and explained her situation, hoping the could help her.

The only idea that came to her mind was to write a private message to her hacked account. So, she did it. Several hours later, her message was read, which only proved that there was someone using her account and watching all her photos and conversations.

“This person was seeing everything – clear copies of my bank details, cards, visa and passport details, copies of drivers’ license, Medicare – and more over personal images and messages.”


No Help From The Police

The only thing left to do was contact the police. Louise reported the matter to Queensland police, but their answer brought no comfort. They told her they cannot help her because the issue was not under their jurisdiction.

Desperate, Louise then turned to ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) and ID CARE, the national identity and cyber support service, hoping they would take the matter more seriously.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. They too gave no assistance.

Help Comes at Last

The website 9news.com, found out about Louise’s case and decided to help her out. They contacted Facebook and received a reply from them and managed to regain Louise’s accounts in 48 hours.

Louise was grateful for this but frustrated at the same time because even though the news website was able to help her, how come the police and the government agencies couldn’t?

It Can Happen to Anyone

According to 9new.com, Louise wanted her experience to be a warning to others.

“I’m not a naive person when it comes to the dark side of the cyber world. I did my certificates in Information Technology, I work in the IT industry, I take all the security measures available like an antivirus program, regular scanning of my computer, not clicking on emails or links that look suspicious, changing my passwords often.”

“I know there are people out there that aren’t as aware as I am and are even more of a vulnerability than myself, yet they still got me.”


When it comes to social media accounts, keep in mind that your deactivated accounts are in same danger as your active accounts. Deactivation implies that even though the account is in no longer in active use the data is still there. The same goes for old accounts that may have been forgotten.





Posted by Emre

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