Full Scan or Smart Scan?

On the ZAM 3.0 Beta UI you saw two scan options. Smart scan and Full scan. You have also noticed that this full scan feature is not ready yet and that it is in our very near development process due to the high importance of the feature.

What is the difference between these two scans options?

What Is Smart Scan?

The smart scan, like the name suggests smartly scans your PC. It only scans files that are running or may run on your PC. This means that it doesn’t scan all files on your PC; in other words, it scans possible threats, it doesn’t scan your whole PC.

In other words, it will not scan files that don’t pose a threat and that will not harm your device.

With a smart scan, Zemana AntiMalware scans your processes, drivers, autorun locations startup locations, browser files and task schedule tasks. It marks every unknown file that is running or that may run as suspicious.

The approximate time it takes to perform a smart scan are incredible 20 seconds! However, this depends on the state of your device in the moment of scanning.

What Is Full Scan?

With the full scan, Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 scans every single file in your primary disc. Like the name suggests, it scans all files on your PC.

If the smart scan cannot detect anything on your PC, then you should run the full scan, which takes just a little bit longer than the smart scan. The approximate time it takes ZAM 3.0 to perform a full scan is less than 2 min, which again depends on the state of your device in the moment of scanning.

However, you must have noticed the COMING SOON button for the full scan. Yes, it is true that the beta version of ZAM 3.0 offers only smart scan. But don’t worry! We did not exclude full scan.

We are implementing machine learning and deep learning algorithms in our full scan module. For that, we need more time to work on implementing these modules into this feature. Now, we are heavily working on advancing it in order to give you the best version possible.

We also want to let you know that full scan will be the first coming feature we will add.

For now, just please be reminded that the only available scan option that we have is the smart scan and in case you find undetected threats on your PC it is because the full scan feature is not working yet. Once this part is ready this problem will be resolved.

Your Feedback

We certainly need your feedback on this so please in case of any issues, product improvements or general feedback please contact us via live chat, forums or our support channels.

Thank you for your support!

  1. La versione Beta un funzionamento veloce e preciso. Attendiamo la versione definitiva, Molto bravi:


    1. Hi Giorgio!

      It is great to hear you are excited about the final release! Believe us, we are too. Thank you for your support, we hope you will enjoy the product. πŸ™‚


  2. better Smart Scan


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