Get Rid of Malware Horrors With Zemana!

Dear Zemana Supporters, We Wish You a Happy Halloween! 

This Halloween we wanted to share some of real malware horrors from our users who dealt with malware monsters and defeated it with Zemana.

We thank them for taking their time and sharing their experience with us!


Horror Experience by Altaf Parkar

As far as I remember, I have never been afraid of monsters and I have never believed in them. I was pretty sure about their non-existence. This led me to have a naive approach of keeping Windows Defender as the only anti-virus program on my laptop.

This went on for a while until one fine day, while taking a stroll through some apparently shady websites, a monster (read ‘browser-hijacker’) made my machine its new abode.

It would redirect my Google web searches at its own will to “” and fill my screen with unwanted ads and pop-ups. I decided to fight this monster by myself and free my machine from its evil clutches.

Windows Defender was of no use, so I asked some of the leading monster-fighting programs to help me out, but in vain. The monster remained adamant and seemed to like its new home more than ever. I cleared all history and cookies from all my browsers, to no avail.

I also tried the built-in functionality of Windows Defender Offline Scan, but the reports came out squeaky clean. For a while I thought the monster had left, but it had evil tricks up its sleeve.

It seemed to have successfully dodged the tool. I was upset by the thought that I probably would lose my machine to an evil power.

As I browsed through the woods of websites for days to find a solution, I finally came across an “Exorcist” who suggested me to try Zemana Antilogger. After all I had been through, I was not sure of it, but decided to give it a try.

Just two minutes into the scan; and it began listing all details of this monster. I could hardly believe my eyes. Zemana had cornered the monster and got hold of it. The monster was easily captured and met its fate on the next step.

Thanks to Zemana as the primary scanner, my machine has been enjoying a monster-free life ever since.

Horror Experience by Daljeet Singh

I was searching for a product, which was necessary for me. The product was Windows and I tried my best to get a genuine key for Windows but failed because of its high price. I installed a pre-active version of Windows from ABC website.

After installing a legitimate version of Windows, I felt more lags and unwanted process in my system but I ignored these errors.

One day I learned about Zemana Antimalware from the Internet but I was using an antivirus solution at that time so I ignored Zemana. The problems in my computer were increasing day by day and I became frustrated because of the slow performance of my PC.

I decided to try Zemana Antimalware and in few minutes Zemana Antimalware detected many viruses in my PC. I wondered how my antivirus skipped so many viruses.

After cleaning the viruses, I added Zemana to my system security. Ever since I have been happy with Zemana because it doesn’t skip any malware.

Horror Experience by Rizki Kurniawan

I would like to share a story of how PC infection could be a nightmare.

Once I accidentally run a file which turned out to be malicious. It allows attacker not only to control my PC but also download other viruses. I was frustrated because many big well-known security software solutions weren’t able to detect the infection and they failed to completely remove it. The infection came back at each restart and it modified my browser configuration, which cannot be manually changed.

Then I found out about Zemana and decided to try it. Zemana managed to detect and remove completely the most annoying infections, and also help fixing the browser configuration and returning it to the original state.

Thank you Zemana! Really, you are a helpful and fast scanning security software!



Posted by Emre

  1. Great to see Zemana is helping so many people.Happy Halloween 🎃 Zemana keep up the good work.


  2. Happy Halloween Zemana and big thanks for protecting us ❤️


  3. Kristie Nathaniel Şubat 16, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    I consider myself a modern teacher, so such a software would be very useful for me. Can you tell me how to get it and what to do?


  4. You are most welcome! We are happy you like it!


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