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There is one way to safety but it is expressed in many ways.

In the past months, we have worked hard to make many improvements in our antivirus app, from the web protection module, cloud scanner, improvements in user experience and during that journey we somehow forgot that we have to translate all those changes as well and make them understandable to all our users.

Let’s help each other.

Become part of our translator community and help us in making cyber-security available and understandable to people worldwide.

We want to enrich our app with as many languages as possible and help everyone understand it.


Of course, we will award you and your loved ones with premium licenses and make you a part of Zemana Mobile Antivirus contributors.

How to start?

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Translation magic happens
  3. You make many people happy!

Thank you for contributing 🙂

Posted by Emre

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