How To Prevent Ransomware?

Afraid of ransomware? Don’t be. Follow the below mentioned steps for ransomware protection and you are good to go!

First Thing First: Back Up 

Don’t just agree with the fact that it is important. Do it also!

In case of a ransomware attack, regular up-to-date backups are the most reliable method for recovering data held for ransom.

Since ransomware is mostly attacking data on a connected network, the best thing would be to keep the backed up data in an offline environment. 

Install Latest Security Patches And Updates

Ok, you got the first step. Now, always keep your operating system and software up-to-date by installing the latest security patches and updates.

Why? Ransomware authors usually attack people that have outdated software with many open and known vulnerabilities.

Therefore, install the latest security patches, keep your software up-to-date and you will significantly decrease the possibility of a ransomware attack.  

Block Malicious Ads

Ransomware authors also use malicious ads that attempt to install ransomware and other infections on your PC.  Due to the nature of ads and their speed, it has the ability to infect thousands of people within 24 hours.

In order to avoid this kind of scenarios use an ad blocker to avoid the threat of a potentially malicious ad that hides ransomware.

Stay Informed – Knowledge Is Power

Social engineering is one of the methods ransomware attackers use in order to infect you. Just now it may be sitting in your inbox, hiding and waiting for you to open it, or to click on a link in the spam email or activate macros in a malicious document.

Learn how social engineering works and get to know all the tactics in order to spot a malicious email right away. You should always think twice before clicking something or opening a file. If it seems suspicious to you, then it probably is.

Never ever click, download or open something that looks suspicious to you. Always double check. 

Install a Security Suite

It is always wiser to choose ransomware protection over expensive pay outs to hackers. Cyber criminals attack individuals because they are aware that they don’t do regular backups and most importantly they fail to invest in necessary cyber security solutions.

Build your defense system with a security solution but keep in mind that you need a security suite with a specific emphasis on the ransomware protection capabilities.

Pay ransomware protection rather than ransom to hackers.

If you want to defeat ransomware, don’t just leave this article without applying the above mentioned steps. So, back up, always keep your system up to date, don’t click on any link you find interesting, get an ad blocker and install ransomware protection.

Follow these simple 5 steps and you don’t have to worry about ransomware anymore.

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

Posted by Emre

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