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In today’s world of big data, we may have cultivated a habit of thinking in numbers and percentages about everything.

We believe that data can show us everything or we are simply trying to hide our fear of the unknown behind the big numbers. Grouping phenomenon and making things clear are natural in human behavior.

Trying to understand the understandable as well.

People = number?!

Can we count emotions or make an equation that resolves the mystery of user behavior?!

There are many pros and cons here. We are not here to enter the existing philosophical debate about what is bad and what is good when it comes to this matter.

Rather, we are trying to make our own freestyle.

Many things are changing at Zemana but all these changes are centered around one phenomenon which is our user.

So, naturally, in order to make any changes aligned with this phenomena, we have to ask: Who are our users?

For weeks Zemana’s research team has worked on understanding our users and seeing who they are and what they really need and want.

Instead of simply making data queries and algorithmic predictions we invested our time in communicating with our users.

And, we had a lot of fun…

Every day we talked to our users either via phone or via email and we cherished every minute of it. Every person has its own set of beliefs, emotions, and needs.

To understand all of them we believe that simply running a data query is not enough. You need empathy.

You have to become your users.

Theather day


Two of our colleagues made a marvelous job in preparing a theatre for us where they presented who are our users or more precisely showed us what they feel and what they need.

They helped us in making empathy with you in a very entertaining way.

Beyond survey


Beyond surveys and data, there is empathy.

Beyond boring presentations, there is an innovative theatre.

Instead of saying that we are doing research on users we say:

We are working on understanding our users. We are trying to understand how we can help them.

Every product is a reflection of its users and we strongly believe in that. We will try to make ours even better for you.

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