How to remove adware from your PC

If you are reading these lines chances are that either you are infected with an adware or you have been infected at one point and now you would like to remove it.

If you are having random pop-ups appear on your screen ever time you open a site or you always see a presence of different kind of ads and redirects it means that you must have clicked on a very interesting link while surfing the Web and then suddenly it’s was not so interesting anymore because your PC got infected with an adware.

How you get infected with an adware?

The adware is usually bundled with freeware software and installed on your computer without you being aware. These kind of infections are usually distributed through different freeware software during installation. So once you install a free software that had bundled into their installation an adware you will get infected.

There is plenty kind of adware in the malware market but most of us will agree that the most annoying ones are the ones that change your browser settings and than redirect your search to different kind of websites. Also called browser hijackers, this type of malware can slow webpage loading, cause seeing multiple toolbars on your web browser, getting different pop-up advertisements and etc.

How to remove adware from your PC?

Manually removing browser hijackers is quite complicated and there is a possibility that you might not remove it completely.

You can do it manually or by just uninstalling the software but it will not restore your browser to original settings. Therefore you must take additional actions to clean your browser.

Here is a quick and free solution:

STEP 1: Download Zemana Antimalware here.
STEP 2: Press “Scan” button.
STEP 3: When the scan is complete, click “Next”.
STEP 4: Restart your computer if you are prompted to do so.

Check out the YouTube video to see how Zemana AntiMalware removes a hardcore browser hijacker.

Use Zemana AntiMalware and in minutes your problem is history.‪ You PC will be adware-free.

Posted by Emre

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