How To Remove Svchost.exe Virus?

What Is SvcHost.exe?

Generally, svchost.exe is a non-malicious program required for Windows. It is a process used to host one or more Windows operating system services.
Because it is used as a common system process, some malware often uses a process name of “svchost.exe” to disguise itself. The original system file is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. Any file named “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as malware.

How Does It Work?

Because svchost.exe is a common process in the Task Manager, malware programs sometimes mask themselves by running under the same process name. Other times, a malware program may run, or inject, its service into an already running svchost.exe process. In either case, this masking action can make it difficult to detect and remove these malware programs.

What Is So Special About SvcHost.exe?

Even though it is a common process in the Task Manager and malware programs sometimes masquerade themselves by running under its name, sometimes a malware program may run into an already running clean svchost.exe process. This corrupts the original process and turns it into a virus.
It may often duplicate or copy their executable to the Windows system folders and later alter the registry to run this file every time you start your system.
To remove this process, you need to delete its segments or components. However, if you remove a genuine svchost.exe process from your machine, your machine may crash down instantly. Therefore, you need to install an antivirus or an antimalware software on time (it would be the best to have both), because they are prepared to remedy such circumstances.

How Did I Get Infected With SvcHost.exe?

The Svchost.exe virus can be distributed in several ways. Malicious websites, or legitimate websites that have been hacked, can infect your machine through exploit kits that use vulnerabilities on your computer to install this Trojan without your permission or knowledge.
Another way of spreading this malware is spam email containing infected attachments or links to malicious websites. Usually, you would receive an email telling you that a shipping company failed at delivering a package for you.
If you open the attached file (or click on a link embedded inside the email) your computer gets infected.

How To Remove SvcHost.exe From a PC?

One of the best SvcHost.exe remover is Zemana AntiMalware and you can download it for free (it comes with 15-days free trial). It will detect spyware on your PC and remove it.
However, if you decide to continue using the Trial and do not wish to purchase the Premium subscription at the end of the trial, your Zemana AntiMalware program will disable premium features. All other (basic) features will remain unchanged.

Zemana AntiMalware as a SvcHost.exe removal tool for your PC

Manually removing can be quite complicated and you might not remove it completely. Therefore, you might need the help of an antivirus or anti-malware software.
Please follow the steps below to remove it completely with our Zemana AntiMalware:
STEP 1: Download and run Zemana Antimalware.
STEP 2: Once download, install the software on your PC. You can do this by double-clicking on ZAM program icon on your desktop or in your download files.
STEP 3: Press the “Scan” button.
STEP 4: When the scan is complete, click “Next”.
STEP 5: Restart your computer if you are prompted to do so.

Stay safe with Zemana 🙂

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