Join Zemana Fan Club!

Dear Zemana supporters, we are more than thankful for all your amazing support you have given us over the 10 years of our existence as a company. We at Zemana always believe in what our users say and we always want to give you the best that you deserve because we wouldn’t exist without you.

Our main goal has always been to protect you from malware and in this process we have build a great community of users that always believed in us and our work.

Because we have many supporters worldwide and because of the many things you have done for us, now we want to give back to you.

We are building Zemana Fan Club! This will be an amazing group of great people who share the same passion towards great cyber security products. This group will be the first to know about Zemana’s inside news and will get many other perks. Some of them are:

  • free licenses
  • free subscription plans
  • a chance to come visit us and meet the team
  • get tips on how to keep their Android and PC safe

And there are many more kept as a surprise for you!

We will hang out in this club; you will get to know us and we will have a chance to get to know you. Together, we can understand each other’s needs and you will be able to help us improve your experience with our products and our service. User experience is very important to us and we have always worked hard in satisfying your needs.

You can join Zemana Fan Club here.

Thank you!
Stay safe with Zemana 🙂

Posted by Emre

  1. Thankyou Zemana for giving this opportunity


  2. Thankyou Zemana for giving this opportunity


  3. Looking forward to interact with the Zemana team…..


  4. That's great! Whatever happened to Zemana Ultimate? Can't wait to hear of your future projects. glenn


  5. McAfee couldn't do it but Zemana did and the annoying loud Brit system etc etc pop ups stopped for good. Well done great value and thank you all.


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