New Banking Malware Found on Google Play

New Target – Users From Brazil

Malware authors have always used different apps to disguise Banking Trojans and place them on Google Play Store. Security researchers have found a new strain of malware targeting banking apps on Android devices. This time a new malware banking family is targeting users from Brazil. It is distributed through Google Play as well as through Facebook in the shape of promoted ads.

What Is The Threat All About?

This Android malware impersonates the performance of the following apps: Clean Droid with over 500 installs, Quem viu teu perfil with over 10,000 installs and MaxCupons with over 1,000 installs. To stay under the radar, the app can only be downloaded and installed in Brazil.






When Was It Released?

The malicious app was most probably released in September 2018. The earliest recorded infiltration has been available for more than a month. Clean Droid infiltration is also distributed on Facebook. There are two Clean Droid pages created on Facebook in October 2018 using identical profile picture as the app on Google Play. One of the pages uses Sao Paulo, Brazil as their address to attract more people from that region.

Targeted Apps

The sole purpose of the new Android malware is to fool users and make them enter their credentials, so it can steal them. This is its primary focus. This Trojan family does not only target one app. It targets different apps such as shopping apps, financial and banking apps as well as entertainment apps. The estimated number is around 26 different apps. It hides inside these apps and has a complex functionality.

Here Is How You Can Protect Yourself

1) Only download apps from Google Play – malicious apps are much more common on third-party app stores, where they are rarely removed even when detected, unlike on Google Play

2) Before downloading apps from Google Play, make sure to check its ratings, reviews and the number of downloads

3) Pay attention to what permissions you grant to the apps you install

4) If you don’t use an app, uninstall it – simply, get rid of it. The fewer apps you have on your phone, the fewer chances an attacker will invade it.

5) Always keep your Android device updated and use a reliable mobile security solution. Our Zemana Mobile Antivirus is a lightweight but strong app that will keep your mobile device safe without overloading your system.

6) Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections when you are not using them.


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