One of the largest DDoS attacks recorded: Twitter and PayPal shut down

Hundreds of thousands of devices such as web cameras and other digital recording devices were infected on Friday with one of the largest DDoS attacks recorded in order to affect loading of some of the most visited websites in the world.

The attackers had an obvious goal – to block or slow down global sites using everyday devices. Among the affected sites to find are Twitter, Paypal and Spotify, and all three are belong to Dyn from the United States, which plays the role of switchboard for Internet traffic, according to Guardian.

The attack took place first in the eastern part of United States, then began to spread to the rest of the country, while the effects are registered in some of European countries as well.

In addition to these pages, users have had problems with access to portals such as: Mashable, CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Yelp, including several pages owned by Amazon.

Hackers attack used by the web cameras and DVRs infecting them with botnet that can be described as an assistant in the creation of DDoS attacks. This type of attack, busy with certain internet service artificial traffic which impedes access to “normal” users.

Dyn has issued a statement in which he confirmed that the DDoS attacks came from millions of sources, which is classified as the one of the largest carried on the attack so far.

After the first wave of DDoS attacks was followed by a second and then a third that was recorded Friday night. The problem lasted for several hours.

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