Safe Online Or Not?

Are we safe online or not is the question that all of us have in our minds.

Technology completely changed our today’s lifestyle, which can be evident from the fact that most parts of our everyday lives go on in the digital world.

However, this represents numerous possibilities for online abuse or misuse of our private data.

There are more than 4000 ransomware attacks happening every day and around 1 million new malicious programs. Only last year, the percentage of cyber criminal increased from 67% to 72%.

Amnesty International did a research on 4000 women, which showed that 1 out of 5 women in the world experienced some type of online abuse. Therefore, more than 80% of hacker victims are women. Experts state that most of online harassment occurs on social media networks.

Even though the big social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook are constantly trying harder to fight the online abuse, they are not dealing with this problem in an adequate way.

70% of online abuse, harassment or stealing of private data happens via mobile devices. When we buy a new phone, we are all very excited and the first thing we do is buy a new phone mask – which means we are so conscious about protecting our phone’s hardware. However, not many of us are so conscious when it comes to protecting the software.

This March, we at Zemana started our new #safeonline campaign together with our partner BH Telecom, one of the biggest telecommunication companies to increase awareness about the importance of women protecting their PCs and mobile devices. Don’t be another victim of hackers. Protect your privacy now because malware doesn’t care if you are a he or a she.

Zemana Official Ad Video is OUT!

Thank you!

This February, Zemana team decided to show love for our loyal users by creating a campaign #zemanalove. This campaign gave our users a chance to win amazing gifts by showing their love for Zemana through many different fun activities.

The first activity was making our first official video ad, where we decided to honor our users by featuring them in the video instead of featuring our products!

We want to THANK everyone who participated in the making of the video ad. We truly enjoyed all of them! Your support and recommendation is very important to us and we will continue improving our technology and service to keep you safe and protected!

Unfortunately, due to the big number of videos we received, we couldn’t feature all of you because the ad would be too long. The official video ad came out TODAY as a special treat for the closing of our #zemanalove campaign.

We hope you will like it!

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VB100 award for Zemana Endpoint Security

Zemana Endpoint Security Regularly Passes the VB100 Tests

The need for a better IT security is continuously growing because today even small businesses experience different virus outbreaks. That is why the number of antivirus products is also continuously growing in order to fulfill the need for a greater protection.

However, in the sea of so many different brands and products, it is sometimes difficult to find the best one.

When choosing for an antivirus protection, it is crucial to choose a product best suited for your company’s needs. It needs to be easy to install, easy to manage but at the same time very effective in detecting viruses and in providing you with the protection your business needs.

Therefore, evaluation of antivirus products is of high importance. This way, you will be certain that a product satisfies important expectations and standards. At the same time, once certified, a product is being continuously tested and checked.

Comparative Review by Virus Bulletin

One of the best known testing organizations, Virus Bulletin conducted their new Comparative Review in December 2017.

Our Zemana Endpoint Security was one of the 31 products that were tested. It successfully received a VB100 award.

For those with purchasing power, we recommend looking for products that pass the VB100 test regularly.

The review also included RAP (Reactive and Proactive) tests on how quickly the products detect new malware.

Zemana Endpoint Security successfuly detected several different types of malware based on its unique behaviour based malware detection, which allows it to evaluate an object based on its intended actions before it can actually execute that behavior.

Below you can see the results of Zemana Endpoint Security:

If you want to learn more and check the results of other products, click on the links below:
Stay safe with Zemana 🙂 

Join The HEART HUNT Game And Be Part of #zemanalove Campaign!

Our #zemanalove campaign continues!

That is why we have prepared a special treat for you on Valentine’s Day!

Don’t worry if you haven’t found your Valentine yet – show your love for Zemana by finding 20 out of 25 hearts that we have hidden all over our website and win a FREE LICENSE!

If you find 20 hearts, we will award you with a free license for Zemana AntiMalware!

The game begins on February 14 and ends on February 18.

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Star In Our First OFFICIAL Video Ad!

How To Join Our First Official Zemana Ad:

1. Make a very short selfie video (you can do this with your phone) where you will say why you love Zemana or why you are satisfied with Zemana products.
2. The feedback needs to be brief – try to do it in 1 to 2 sentences.
3. Don’t only record your voice – we want YOU in the video!
4. You can do the video in your native language (if you do, please make sure to write and send us the English translation in Notepad or Word)

What You Can Get:

All users who send their video will be awarded with a free 1 year license for Zemana AntiMalware.
Stay safe with Zemana 🙂

Here Are The Winners of Our ‘Tag a Friend’ Contest!

Our ‘Tag a Friend’ holiday contest successfully ended on January 2, 2018. We would like to thank all of you who participated by tagging your friends and family. Thank you for showing the holiday spirit of sharing!

Share with us your opinion about the contest; let us know if you liked it! We can create more similar fun activities for all of you where you can win great awards or benefits.

We got so many comments from you so it was difficult to choose the winners. However, we had to choose the lucky 10!

Below you can find names of the randomly chosen winners.

Winners of the Free License for Zemana AntiMalware (protection for PC):

3. MARIAM SH (tagged by AMAL SH)

Winners of the Free License For Zemana Mobile Antivirus (protection for Android):



Winners will receive their FREE license key in private messages on their Facebook/Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget to thank your friends for tagging you and winning this amazing gift for you! 🙂

Stay safe with Zemana 🙂

Sharing Is Caring – Surprise Your Friends This Holiday Season!

Holidays are finally here and we are feeling merry! This is why we created a special treat for you and your friends! Join our ‘Tag a Friend’ contest and you will get a chance to make one of your friends jolly.

All you have to do is tag one of your friends who really needs protection for their PC or Android device in the comment below our ‘Make your friend happy’ photo on our INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK profile.

Next to their name, please specify if they need the protection for PC or Android.

Five winners will be chosen randomly and they will be awarded with a FREE LICENSE for:

a) Zemana AntiMalware (if they need protection for their PC) or

b) Zemana Mobile Antivirus (if they need protection for their Android device)

The contest will be live until January 1, 2018. We will announce the winners on January 5, 2018.

Best wishes for the upcoming holidays!

Stay safe with Zemana 🙂