Announcing Zemana Endpoint Security

Starting with Zemana AntiLogger, the pioneer in anti-keylogger protection which was released back in 2009, we continued with three other product releases in 2015: Zemana AntiMalware, now the fastest malware scanner in the market, Zemana Mobile Antivirus, mobile security solution and the only Android anti-keylogger app available, on the market.

We finalized the year with Zemana SafeOnline, a comprehensive business security solution for vulnerable external endpoints.

Today, we are happy to announce our new product, Zemana Endpoint Security, the security solution for your business.

Arm Your Business

Zemana Endpoint Security is an advanced security solution, designed for the Windows platform that includes anti-malware, antivirus and anti-ransomware security features managed by a Control Center.

Easy network security management and flexible licensing models makes it a perfect security solution for a business environment.

Key Technology Features of Our New Business Solution:

• Antivirus for Workstations and Servers
• Real-time Protection
• Heuristic Threat Control
• Application Blocking
• Search Advisor
• Keyword Filtering
• Advanced Reporting Module
• Blocks malicious websites/ Browser toolbar
• Anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection

Boost Business Productivity 

But we don’t stop there. We know that in every business productivity is of major importance and we don’t want to kill it with complex security platforms just to show of.

We at Zemana believe that beauty lies in simplicity.

In order not to make your IT security employees lose time on deployment, set up, control and ongoing testing, we have made it all simple.

This is why the key benefits of Zemana Endpoint Security for your business, besides advanced threat detection and remediation, is easy deployment and integration, simple network security management and an easy to use Central management console which makes you control the whole thing.

Control Center

The control center has policy based centralized management, flexible scan scheduling, reporting module with scheduled reports feature where you get all the info you need.

Zemana Endpoint Security is available starting from now, so don’t wait and visit our website or reach out to our friendly folks from sales to learn more. They will be more than happy to walk you through.

Inside tip: It’s worth it. Go for it now! 

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

Results Show Horrific Lack of Malware Knowledge!

Many of us have probably heard the word malware many times. And many of us believe we are educated enough not to fall victim to malware.
However, recent studies showed that not only non-professionals but professionals as well are often not able to recognize the malicious tricks of latest threats.

Disturbing Results

Recent surveys showed that even though 93% of respondents correctly identified Trojan and its behaviour, 77% were unable to correctly state the behaviour of a virus. Many confused worms with viruses and rootkits with bootkits.
These are disturbing results because in order to protect our PCs and mobile devices correctly, it is very important to know how each malware behaves. If malware is recognized as a worm, it is important to know how this worm behaves and what it really does.
Many malicious programs today behave as benign even when they go through a scan, which is why it is necessary to be extra cautious.
However, some experts say that the depressing results were to be expected.
The pace at which malware evolves today and the innovative techniques of hackers that improve every day make it difficult for both everyday people and professionals to make clear distinctions between different types of threats.

Many Respondents Unaware That Some Types of Malware Can Be Undetected by Traditional Antivirus. 

60% knew what phishing is in theory but when they received a phishing email, they were unable to recognize the threat. Most of professionals are ashamed to admit they experienced a data breach.

Educate Yourself!

Superficial knowledge about malware is not enough today. To protect yourself and not to be manipulated, you need to learn and educate yourself as much as you can. Antivirus and antimalware protection are a must for both your PC and phone.
However, you need to be aware of what kinds of threats exist in the online world. You can find online courses that will teach you how to recognize even the sneakiest threats. Also, you can read many articles and books online that will keep you posted about the latest attacks.
Once you install your antivirus and antimalware protection, try to explore it a little bit and learn more about its features, what they really mean and how they really work.
Try to find examples of different threat attacks in the world and learn from it. Also, follow necessary steps that we wrote about in one of our previous blog posts that can help you avoid malware coming back to your PC. Check it out here.
The best thing about using Zemana AntiMalware or Zemana AntiLogger as your protection is that it is very easy to use, with simple user interface.
This way, no matter how old you are, you will be able to understand all instructions and stay safe without any complications or misunderstandings.
Download Zemana AntiMalware here.

Download Zemana AntiLogger here.

Stay safe with Zemana!

Petya Ransomware: More dangerous than WannaCry?

Nobody has fully recovered from the last WannaCry ransomware attack and now there are new attacks spreading throughout the world. This time it is a threat called Petya ransomware.

What is Petya?

Petya ransomware was a malware that was created in 2006. Now, it has been modified and the new variant has been used in the recent attacks. It locks users’ PC and encrypts files. The hackers behind the attacks ask for ransom in bitcoin in order to decrypt users’ files.

However, experts claim that Petya is not a traditional ransomware. It is more dangerous than WannaCry because it is a specific type of ransomware. Attackers ask for ransom in Bitcoin making you believe that your files will be decrypted.

But this time, it not the case. Petya’s source code revealed that it is impossible to recover and decrypt files once infected.

It can infect your PC in more ways than WannaCry or any other ransomware. It is very different from the common ransomware. It installs itself to start before Windows, causes a BSOD in Windows, and after Windows restarts, it mimics a file repair, but in reality, it encrypts the MFT(Master File Table). This type of threat will be harder to overcome. This is a cyber attack meant to sabotage and destroy users’ PC.

Recent Attacks

The attacks listed below are just some of the attacks, so it is not a surprise that Petya caused chaos around the world.

– Russia’s oil company
– Major Ukranian banks (including the Central bank) and companies
– The airport in Kiev
– British advertising agency
– U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck
– Cadbury chocolate plant in Australia
– A major shipping firm in Netherlands

How to Protect Yourself

Petya ransomware is a specific type of a cyber attack, which means that you will need to take extra measures in order to protect your PC.

The first thing you need to do is update your operating system. An update will improve the stability of your PC and will not be an easy target. You also need to have an antivirus and antimalware software installed on your PC and mobile phone.

Because Petya works totally different than other ransomware, most generic ransomware protection was totally ineffective against this threat and failed to protect end users worldwide.

But according to MRG Effitas, our Zemana AntiMalware proved to be the best protection against Petya ransomware. Check out the below image:

You can see the full report here.

However, few experts believe that this worldwide spreading infection is only disguised as ransomware.

It uses the NSA’s Eternal Blue Exploit and has affected many European countries including Ukraine, Poland and Germany. However, other continents were not spared as well.

Nevertheless, no one should take the risk so, everyone should take needed precautions asap! 

All Zemana products use the same technology designed to protect you from both traditional and new types of malware. So, whether you have Zemana AntiLogger or Zemana AntiMalware, your PC will remain protected.

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, experts predicted a high number of ransomware attacks in 2017 targeting both your PC and your mobile device.

It seems that their predictions are already coming true. Protect yourself in time with Zemana AntiMalware and enjoy the online world carefree.

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

Tips How to Prevent Any Type of Malware Coming Back to Your PC

Most of us have had some kind of a problem with malware in our cyber daily life. We all know how dangerous they can be. But the most annoying thing about malware is that often they come back.

Here are some tips on how to protect your PC and prevent different infections from causing you stress again.

1. You Must Have an Antivirus Protection

Your antivirus is the first wall of defense against malware. Even though antiviruses are not always able to detect new threats, they are still necessary on your PC.

2. Update Your Operating Systems and Browsers

Don’t leave updating of your operating systems and browsers for later! Always do it in time because malware can find its way in through vulnerabilities. You can also make sure that you have automatic updating turned on.

3. Use Windows Firewall

Keep in mind that using two firewalls might cause interference with one another.

4. Regularly Scan Your PC With Your Antivirus and Antimalware Software

Unfortunately, many of us forget to do it but this is very important. You should find time for it once a week. Don’t forget to scan your phone regularly as well. You have also a scheduled scan option.

Below you can see where to find it on Zemana AntiMalware user interface:

5. Connect to a Secure Network

Today almost everyone uses Wireless Internet Connection. Even though many of us like open networks, it is much safer to connect to a network that requires a password. Also, make sure to create a strong password for your Wi-fi network. This will prevent hackers (and your neighbours :p) from easily hacking into your Wi-fi.

6. Be Careful What You Click On!

Don’t click on every link that you see on websites or in your emails. If you are really curious about the link, hover over it and see where it is going to take you. Better safe than sorry!

7. Never Use the Same Password

Try using different passwords for different accounts. If you use the same password, hackers might easily figure it out and steal it. Make sure to mix lower case, upper case, different numbers and letters in order to create a strong password.

8. Be Cautious When Reading Emails

Approach emails that contain links or attachments with caution. If a message or what is being requested from you in the email seems suspicious, do not click on the provided links. So next time you receive an email saying you won 100.000$ just reject or delete such an email.

9. Don’t Trust Every Pop-Up Window

Some pop-up windows will try to convince you to buy or download something. It might offer free system scan or show an advertisement.

Your browser will probably offer you the option to block these pop ups, which you should definitely do. If not, then try to close it using the Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete) because sometimes pressing the x button is a trap.

10. Antimalware Protection Is Necessary 

Invest in your additional layer of protection because it will not only keep you safe from traditional viruses but from other different types of advanced malware types as well and mostly these are available on the web now.

Install and use Zemana AntiMalware because it will not conflict with your existing antivirus software. Ranked as the best ransomware protection on the market by MRG Effitas, Zemana AntiMalware will keep you safe from massive ransomware and malware attacks 24/7.

Keep in mind these tips in your fight against malware. Don’t forget that being aware and informed makes a big difference!

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

Antivirüs ve Anti-malware arasındaki fark (Hangisini kurmalıyım?)

Uzun lafın kısası: İkisine de ihtiyacınız var! Ne, Nasıl yani? Sakin olun, açıklıyoruz.

Antivirüs ve anti-malware arasındaki fark nedir?

Çoğunuz antivirüs ve anti-malware kelimelerini sıkça duymuşsunuzdur. Hele ki son günlerde yayılan WannaCry fidyeci zararlısıyla daha sık duyar oldunuz (Fidyeci zararlılarından kurtulmanın yoluna buradan ulaşabilirsiniz). Muhtemelen bu kavram kargaşasında kaybolmuş, anti virüs ve anti-malware arasında fark olmadığını düşünmüş olabilirsiniz. Anti-malware ile antivirüsün aynı anlama geldiğini düşünüp bilgisayarınıza anti-malware kurmamanız gerektiğini düşünüyorsanız yanılıyorsunuz. Yazının devamında antivirüs ve anti-malware arasındaki temel farkın ne olduğundan bahsedeceğiz.

Bilmeyenler için, malware İngilizce’de “malicious software”, yani şüpheli yazılım kelimelerinin kısaltmasıdır. Burada şüpheden kasıt, yazılımın kullanıcıdan habersiz istenmeyen işlemler yapma ihtimalidir. Zararlı yazılımlar verilerinize ve programlarınıza hasar verebilir, diğer bilgisayarlara yayılabilir ve gizli bilgilerinizi çalabilirler. Farklı zararlı yazılım çeşitleri vardır:

– Virüsler
– Solucanlar
– Trojanlar
– Casus yazılımlar
– Reklam zararlıları
– Fidyeci zararlıları vs.

Buna göre virüsün, programlarınıza ve verilerinize bulaşarak yayılan bir zararlı yazılım türü olduğunu söyleyebiliriz. Virüslü bir uygulamayı çalıştırdığınızda önce virüs çalışır, sonrasında programın kendisi çalışır. Böylece virüs uygulamanın çalışmasını etkilemeden kendini gizlemiş olur.

Halihazırda kurulu antivirüs yazılımım var. Neden yanına anti-malware kurayım?

Şimdi asıl meseleye gelelim.

Antivirüsler bilgisayarınız (ve tabi ki cep telefonunuz) için başlıca yazılımlardan birisidir. Bilgisayarınızda tehditlere karşı koyan ilk duvar antivirüsler olacaktır. Bununla birlikte geleneksel antivirüs teknolojisi günümüzde sizi korumak için yeterli olmamaktadır, çünkü antivirüsler yalnızca bilinen virüs türlerine karşı etkilidir.

Her antivirüs yazılımı, içinde virüs veri tabanı bulundurur. Bilgisayarınızda virüslü uygulama çalıştırmaya kalktığınızda öncelikle bu veri tabanından kontrol edilir. Eğer varsa engellenir. Bunun anlamı, önceden tanınmamış bir virüs bulaştığında antivirüs yazılımınızın yapabileceği hiçbir şey olmayacaktır, ta ki o virüs incelenip veri tabanına eklenene kadar.

Bir diğer önemli nokta ise virüslerin tek tehdit olmaması gerçeği. Her geçen gün daha akıllı ve yaratıcı yüzlerce zararlı yazılım (virüslerin dışında) ortaya çıkmaktadır.

Peki daha önce hiç ortaya çıkmamış zararlı yazılımlardan nasıl korunabilirsiniz?

Geleneksel antivirüsler, kendi veri tabanlarında bulunmayan tehditleri tespit edemeyeceklerdir. Bu problemin cevabı anti-malware yazılımlarıdır. Anti-malware korumasına ihtiyacınız var, çünkü bu sizi bilinen ve bilinmeyen tüm tehditlerden koruyacaktır. İşte antivirüs ve anti-malware yazılımları arasındaki temel fark budur.

Zemana AntiMalware virüs tanımlarını sizin bilgisayarınızda tutmayan bir yazılımdır! Zemana AntiMalware bir şüpheli yazılım bulduğunda bunun parmak izini Tarama Bulutuna gönderir. Milisaniyeler sonra buluttaki tarama ajanları şüpheli uygulamanın zararlı olup olmadığını söyler. Eğer tespit edemezse uygulamanın tamamını buluta göndererek daha detaylı inceleme yapar.

Sonrasında Pandora teknolojisi ile yeni nesil tarama gerçekleştirerek bilinmeyen zararlılara karşı sizi güvende tutar. Zemana AntiMalware virüslere karşı veri tabanını kullanarak koruma sağlamasına ek olarak bilgisayarınızdaki her türlü şüpheli davranışı da tespit edip engeller. Sizi;

– Virüslerden
– Trojanlardan
– Rootkitlerden
– Solucanlardan
– Casus yazılımlardan
– Reklam zararlılarından
– Henüz keşfedilmemiş zararlılardan koruyacaktır.

Daha önce belirttiğimiz gibi, antivirüs yazılımları bilgisayarınızda basit ve temel koruma sağlar. Fakat bu yeterli değildir ve sizin daha iyi çözümlere ihtiyacınız var.

Zemana AntiMalware sahip olduğunuz tüm antivirüslerle uyumlu çalışacak şekilde geliştirildi. Hafiftir ve hızlı çalışır, asla bilgisayarınızı hantallaştırmaz. Zemana AntiMalware, bilgisayarınızda kesinlikle bulunması gereken bir ek koruma yazılımıdır.

Özetle, antivirüs yazılımınızı bilgisayarınızda ve telefonunuzda kullanırken (telefonunuzu da güvende tutmayı unutmayın) anti-malware ile ek koruma sağlamayı ihmal etmeyin. Aşağıda ihtiyacınız olan linkleri bulabilirsiniz.

Bilgisayarınızı korumak için şimdi Zemana Antimalware indirin.
Android telefonunuzu korumak için şimdi Antivirüs uygulamasını indirin.

Difference Between Antivirus and Antimalware (Here Is What To Install)

Do I need an antimalware or an antivirus?

Straightforward answer: You need them all! Wait, what?! Ok, let’s elaborate it.

What Is The Difference Between Antivirus and Antimalware?

Many of you have probably heard words Anti-malware and Antivirus thousands of times, especially in recent period due to unfortunate WannaCry ransomware attacks (check here how to stay safe from ransomware attacks).

And some of you have probably been confused by the terms, believing that these two are the same thing and you couldn’t figure out what’s is the real difference between antivirus and anti-malware.

You might ask yourself: Why should you need to install antimalware, when it is just a synonym for the word antivirus, right? Well, you were wrong. Continue reading and learn the main difference between antivirus and anti-malware.

For those of you who do not know, malware is a malicious software that run on users’ PCs without their consent. Malware damages your programs and data and they can also spread to other computers and steal private information. There are different types of malware:

– viruses
– worms
– Trojans
– spyware
– adware
– ransomware etc.

Therefore, a virus is a type of malware that spreads by infecting you programs and data. It modifies your data by adding its own copies (viruses can replicate), which can also be infected. When you run an infected program, first the virus runs and then the program itself. This way the virus remains hidden.

I Have an Antivirus Installed. Why Do I Need an Antimalware Protection As Well?

Antivirus software is an essential protection for your PC (and your phone as well). It is the first wall of defense against threats. However, traditional antivirus technology is not enough today because it protects only from the known viruses.

Every antivirus software has its own virus database and once you get infected, the infections goes through the database and if the software recognizes the threat it blocks it. This means, that when new viruses come out somebody needs to get infected in order for the virus to get discovered.

Another very important thing is that viruses are not the only threat today. Hundreds of different malware (apart from viruses) are being created every day because hackers are becoming more and more intelligent and creative.

So, How Will You Stay Safe From These Unknown Threats (Zero-Day Malware) That Have Never Been Seen Before? 

Your traditional antivirus protection will not recognize them because they are not in its database. The answer to this question is antimalware technology. You need an antimalware protection, because it will keep you safe from all types of known and unknown malware and this is what makes the difference between antivirus and anti-malware software.

Zemana AntiMalware is a software that does not store virus definitions on your PC! Instead, when our software finds a suspicious file, it passes the fingerprint to the Scan Cloud. Milliseconds later, the Scan Cloud marks the file as safe or malicious, or else asks AntiMalware to upload it for further examination.

After that, with its Pandora Sandbox Technology it performs another level of scanning which increases your protection from unknown malware. Instead of only waiting for its database to match and confirm the type of virus infection, Zemana AntiMalware blocks any kind of suspicious activity on your PC. It protects you from:

– Viruses
– Trojans
– Rootkits
– Worms
– Spyware
– Adware Infections
– Zero-day malware

As we mentioned above, antivirus software is a basic and essential protection for your PC.  But this is not enough and you need to look for more.

Zemana AntiMalware is designed to be compatible with any antivirus program you have. It is lightweight and will not clutter up your drive. Therefore, Zemana AntiMalware protection is a must-have additional layer of protection.

So, to summarize, keep your chosen antivirus on your PC and phone (never forget to keep your phone safe as well) but don’t forget to install anti-malware software as well to stay fully protected. Below you can find the needed links:

To protect your PC now, download Zemana AntiMalware here.
To protect your Android phone, download the Antivirus app here.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Is Not Over Yet! Protect Your PC Now!

On Friday (May 12, 2017) a large cyber-attack using WannaCry ransomware was launched. The attack spread to 150 countries affecting 230 000 computers, including telecommunication companies and health institutions.

WannaCry ransomware, referred to as WannaCrypt0r, WannaCrypt, or Wanna Decrypt0r, is a ransomware program that targets Microsoft Windows operating system.

It is delivered to a victim through harmful links in an email, unreliable sites and applications. Once it has been activated, the program spreads through the computer and locks all the files with the encryption.

Scary, right?

WannaCry ransomware is believed to use the EternalBlue exploit, which was developed by the U.S. National Security Agency to attack computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The exploit leaked online in April 2017 by the hacker group known as The Shadow Brokers.

In just few hours this ransomware has been active, it has made many high-profile victims all over the world. Some of the countries that were hit by WannaCry are UK, Spain, Russia and China.

Is It Still Active?

Unfortunately, yes. Experts believe that the number of WannaCry victims is going to rise in the next few days.

Am I a Possible Victim?

Do you have a Microsoft Windows operating system on your PC? Than you are!

How Can I Protect Myself From WannaCry Ransomware?


Even though, the situation is serious there is no need to panic. You are safe with Zemana AntiMalware and Zemana AntiLogger. Both products are designed to protect you from all types of ransomware, including WannaCry.

Years of careful ransomware character investigation helped Zemana in developing the best possible anti-ransomware tool. For that, Zemana AntiMalware has been rated as the best ransomware protection for years by MRG Effitas.

In case you are not yet a user of Zemana products, just go here, download any of Zemana products and stay ransomware free. Get the proactive protection that will make your mind worry free.

WannaCry ransomware wants to make you cry but Zemana is there to not let that happen.

Stay safe and happy!