Release Notes: Zemana levels up protection with Artificial Intelligence

After years of working in the cybersecurity field, we realized the time came to take out different weapons to fight all those threats.

In December last year, we started a journey together with you where we promised that we will design a security product for you that is the best you deserve.

And we started by developing a Forever Free malware removal tool (Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Free) that helps you clean all kind of malware from your PC. For Free. Without Limits.

To be safe in your cyberspace shouldn’t be a luxury. 

With this, we made a new step in our cyber-security endeavors where we decided to build only what matters. No unnecessary features. No robust protection that harrases your PC. Just pure smart and simple methods that will keep you safe in your online journey.

No false promises.

And here we are a couple of months later excited to deliver you another great news.


Level it up

To stay safe In the Online World today is harder than ever. And most importantly to be safe became one of the basic needs we all need to have satisfied. A forever free malware removal tool is a basic need in this modern World that all of us need to have.  And luckily with Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Free, we all have that now.

But beyond that, we need protection that keeps us safe in real-time and doesn’t even let any kind of malware pass the protective barrier. So we made the next step in your protection system.

As technology gets advanced at an increasing speed, both of its faces, the good side and the bad side of it advance parallelly.

The Bad is malware, the Good side is us.

As malware creators are becoming smarter and smarter to infect your PC with some malware variant, we pull out the same weapons and decide to use them for good causes. We fundamentally re-engineered all our cyber defense tactics and instead of thinking small we went Big.

We realized: To stay safe in this environment you have to have smarter weapons.

Think Big. Think AI.

We empowered cybersecurity with Artifical Intelligence. We crafted a model that works with the power of the neural network force at an outstanding speed and performance level. We call it the Smart Real-Time Protection.

Smart Real-Time Protection Highlights

The smartest and the most powerful protection is available now with our Neural engine. Crafted carefully, to keep you safe.  Check the highlights:

  • Powerful Neural (AI) engine
  • Outstanding performance
  • Advanced next-gen protection methods
  • Works in offline mode as well


Alright. We listed all of them and they sound amazing. Zemana’s AI-powered Smart Real-Time protection technology is incorporated in Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 Premium and is available to you right away.

The protection model is small in size but powerful in performance. The neural engine consumes a small fraction of your system resources while defending your device against advanced security threats.

Besides, we can no longer rely on old cybersecurity methods. The neural engine gets smarter day by day and protects you from newly created threats and threats that pass by old traditional methods of protection.

To fight social advanced malware attacks, we developed specialized machine learning and deep learning behavioral models that are designed to catch any threat. See how it works.

How it works?

The model consists of two components: the SDK and AI engine. While the SDK plays the main role in processing all files and programs the AI engine decides if it is malicious or not and send back the information to the SDK.



At any moment you decide to run a file on your PC, Zemana AntiMalware will deeply analyze the behavior of that file by asking the AI engine if the file is malicious or not.

All this is done at an outstanding speed and most importantly it is available to you in offline mode as well. You don’t need an Internet connection to stay safe in real-time anymore.

Want all of this?

1. Download ZAM 3.0 Premium Beta

2. Activate Smart Real-Time protection:)

2. Enjoy the smart protection you deserve


About ZAM 3.0?

We analyzed all the feedback you send us over the years and a solution strike through our minds.

We want to build a product that solves your problem.

You want to be safe in your cyber journey. You download Zemana AntiMalware, activate all protection models and you are good to go. Simple as that. And most importantly, we want to bring you on that journey of ours and help us make it the best antimalware it can be. So, let’s go. Download ZAM 3.0 Premium Beta, send us your feedback and let’s craft together.

Oh, and one more thing.

Thank you for all your support. Nothing of this would be possible without you.

You rock.

Check out our website.

Posted by Emre

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