Safe Online Or Not?

Are we safe online or not is the question that all of us have in our minds.

Technology completely changed our today’s lifestyle, which can be evident from the fact that most parts of our everyday lives go on in the digital world.

However, this represents numerous possibilities for online abuse or misuse of our private data.

There are more than 4000 ransomware attacks happening every day and around 1 million new malicious programs. Only last year, the percentage of cyber criminal increased from 67% to 72%.

Amnesty International did a research on 4000 women, which showed that 1 out of 5 women in the world experienced some type of online abuse. Therefore, more than 80% of hacker victims are women. Experts state that most of online harassment occurs on social media networks.

Even though the big social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook are constantly trying harder to fight the online abuse, they are not dealing with this problem in an adequate way.

70% of online abuse, harassment or stealing of private data happens via mobile devices. When we buy a new phone, we are all very excited and the first thing we do is buy a new phone mask – which means we are so conscious about protecting our phone’s hardware. However, not many of us are so conscious when it comes to protecting the software.

This March, we at Zemana started our new #safeonline campaign together with our partner BH Telecom, one of the biggest telecommunication companies to increase awareness about the importance of women protecting their PCs and mobile devices. Don’t be another victim of hackers. Protect your privacy now because malware doesn’t care if you are a he or a she.

Posted by Emre

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  5. Thanks a lot for this warning! We will try to be more attentive to every single detail. Our safety is our first responsibility!


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