Sphinx Banking Trojan is part of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

Sphinx Banking Trojan is part of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and definitely it’s taking Gold!

The banking Trojan is targeting banks and payment methods in Brazil. Everyone could expect that a cyber attack will happen during this particular time since thousands of people are visiting and everyone is purely focused on the games and fun.

Cyber attackers have fun also but in their way.

Did you hear about the infamous Zeus? Well, this Trojan is part of that malware family and it contains the Zeus code in itself. The advanced feature of this malware that it learned the mistakes from Zeus baking Trojan and improved by becoming immune to detection so not even Zeus tracking tool can detect it.

Sphinx banking Trojan first appeared last year in August as well, offered most probably by a Russian vendor for $500 per binary (less malware builder) meaning to say that the buyers cannot generate new malware files rather they have to contact the vendor again.

How does Sphinx banking Trojan works?

Just like other banking Trojans, it spreads by creating fake websites that have web injects. So, you think it’s your bank but actually  it’s not, so it extracts all the data you enter. It has been even further advanced with social engineering tactics and card reader that is able trick the user to enter their data so the cyber criminals can collect it.

By using this method, the infamous banking Trojan attacked three banks in Brazil as well as Boleto payment methods.

Cyber criminals attack where money is so the popularity of banking Trojans was expected.

Therefore corporations and home users should always be aware of this problem and implement multiple layered security protection. By expecting this kind of globally famous event, as the Olympics, organizations should know that cyber criminal can misuse it easily.

How to stay safe from banking Trojans?

Simple. No need to display step by step guides how to stay safe. Rarely something works. That is the reason why security vendors exist. They invest their time in constant research and behavioral analysis of these kind of malicious activities. So hurry and download an anti-keylogger that has real-time protection and that is specialized in blocking baking Trojans, financial malware, ransomware and similar advanced threats.

Install it and keep it running all the time! If you do this than no worries you are safe!

Useful note: Did you know that Zemana AntiLogger got the perfect score in detecting and blocking banking Trojans, financial malware and advanced keyloggers? See full report here.

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