Star In Our First OFFICIAL Video Ad!

How To Join Our First Official Zemana Ad:

1. Make a very short selfie video (you can do this with your phone) where you will say why you love Zemana or why you are satisfied with Zemana products.
2. The feedback needs to be brief – try to do it in 1 to 2 sentences.
3. Don’t only record your voice – we want YOU in the video!
4. You can do the video in your native language (if you do, please make sure to write and send us the English translation in Notepad or Word)

What You Can Get:

All users who send their video will be awarded with a free 1 year license for Zemana AntiMalware.
Stay safe with Zemana 🙂

30 thoughts on “Star In Our First OFFICIAL Video Ad!

  1. I want to add a video stating how Zemana stole my money. I rqst'd a refund as their product did not resolve anything. I used it three times to scan and identify any malware and it found nothing. I solved the problem I was having but not via Zemana. I notified Zemana w/in a day or two that it was not going to work and that the rqst. for refund occurred during the trial period. I even tried to get my bank to step in, but they ended up saying their hands were tied. I am left w/finding blogs I can enter my opinion to share w/the world how bad is the promise of Zemana. Maybe I can post the same in a video format?

  2. I have found no evidence in relation to this statment. So far I have had really good service from the support staff, I have lots of help from them in resolving certain issues and the antimalware solved all my problems.

  3. Zemana was the only scanner that found and fixed an issue I had that no other antivirus software could. I have found the support team to be extremely helpful with any query I have had.

  4. I want to state how Zemana cured my cancer. I had cancer. I bought Zemana. Cancer went away.

    Zemana cures cancer!!!

    But I only get a one-year license…. you dudes are cheap. Anybody who is selected to be in the final cut needs a lifetime license.

  5. Hello Bob!

    I am very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with our product and our services. Of course, you have the right to share your negative experience. However, cases like yours rarely happen here at Zemana.
    Have you tried contacting our technical support? They are always willing to assist in the best possible way. However, if this was not the case with you, I will pass on your comments to the team. We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced.
    Please, feel free to reach me via my email address ( and let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.
    Warmest regards!

  6. Hello Tom!

    Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate it.
    Our team works really hard to provide the best possible service, even though we know it is impossible to please everyone 🙂

    Best regards!

  7. Hello Michael!

    Thank you for your kinds words and support!

    Regarding the licenses, we must inform you that we no longer provide lifetime licenses and this is why we could not offer them as a reward. 🙂

    Kind regards!

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  9. We are happy to hear you were satisfied with Zemana products. However, free version of Zemana has been discontinued and is no longer available. But you have 15 days free trial, which allows you to experience premium features.

  10. Hello.
    On first, I want to know if there is some relation between Zemana Antimalware and MalwareFox.
    Are both from the same company? Is MalwareFox fake?

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