Few tips about staying safe online and preventing identity theft.

In this article, we prepared some of the tips that can help you in order to be protected from any potential danger while you are on the internet.

1. Stay away from sending sensitive data across public WiFi networks.

We all have those moments where we need to use public WiFi networks regardless where we are or what we are doing in that time. However, we need to be careful while we are using public WiFi especially when we want to send sensitive data.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication systems on your accounts.

Imagine waking up on a beautiful day, opening your laptop or PC and realizing that you can’t access your social media accounts, your e-mails and bank accounts. Prepare yourself for the worst, your credit card might be used for shady transactions. No one wants this scenario to be true right? However, this is something many people experiencing every day.

To prevent such cases, you better use the two-factor authentication system where the platform will check double to see if your identity is legitimate.

3. Do not share your passwords.

By keeping your log-in information private, you are making sure that your personal information stays private too. Your personal and financial information can be stolen very easily if you are not careful with the safety of your account. You can start maintaining your safety by keeping your passwords in private, just for yourself. Plus, do not forget to log off when you are not on your desk.

4. Keep an eye on your bank accounts all the time.

Shopping online made things easier and that’s the reason we are choosing to shop online instead of going to market. However, there are many risks regarding your credit card information while you are shopping online that you need to be careful of. Keeping an eye on your transaction history will protect you from losing money.

5. Be aware of social media-spread fake contests and links.

Social media platforms are nice to engage with friends and other people. However, everyone does not have the same goal. Some people may try to manipulate with links and send viruses to your devices. Although social platforms are trying to prevent such cases. Sometimes it’s not enough. So in these cases you have to make sure you are using a decent antivirus software to make sure everything is under control.

6. Only download software from reputable sources.

When you need to download software on your devices, you better use popular and known sources. This will save you every time if you don’t want to have malware running on your devices. If you have already downloaded things you want to clean, please download our Free Demo Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 to scan fast and get effective results.

7. Shop only at familiar websites.

Shopping on reliable and familiar websites will save you from having loss regarding your bank account and personal information. We all know Amazon, eBay and Target but there is something you need to be careful about these sites. Make sure you are on the correct website. Because some people may try to trick you by using misspelling URL(for example, .net instead of .com)

8. Use an antivirus program on desktop and mobile.

The internet can be a dangerous place, full of cyber criminal activity designed to trick you. Click with confidence with features that help keep you safe—like password management, mobile security, and identity and privacy protection.

We highly recommend software that will solve your problem in a fast and efficient way. Please check Zemana software for desktop and mobile;

Release Notes: Enjoy new Zemana Mobile Antivirus Cloud Scanner

The Zemana team (small but strong!)  pushes out new features, improvements and bug fixes based solely upon your feedback. To all our work and the improvements in ZMA that you see we  give credit to you aaaaaaand a little bit to us as well.

Up until now, to be honest we haven’t done such a great job on keeping you guys informed on what we are doing and what we plan to do with ZMA.

However, we decided to change that and now we have a blog category for release notes related to all our products including ZMA as well.

Every month Release Notes will highlight all the improvements we’ve launched, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new.

So, let’s see what we have done.

ZMA v1.7.8 highlights




Cloud Scanner

Basically we decided to pump up our scan engine.

So, before this version everything was scanned locally. This means that we scanned all files in our own scanning engine which made it possible for users to scan all of their apps even offline which is more than great. Sure thing.

But, we had to add some wings.

This application had to fly even higher so natural result… Cloud scanner.


In order to use cloud scanning option you have to accept EULA agreement once you launch the application. In case you decline the EULA unfortunately you will be unable to access this feature. So, please make sure to accept it. You don’t want to miss it.


Ok, this is clear. Great. Let’s move on.

Cloud scanning feature is a great enhancement of our current scan engine. It improved the detection rate which is the most important thing.

So, once you are connected to the Internet we will scan with our engine and also we will scan on the Cloud. So, right now we will scan all your applications both locally and with the help of cloud as well.

What are we scanning?

We are scanning only installed applications so private files like documents, photos and similar are not scanned.

When we are scanning an application we are just scanning the logic of the applications and not the files the applications contains.

But locally we are scanning all your files with our own engine so your privacy is always protected.

We are not taking any user history in the Cloud also we don’t know which users is sending a request so we are only taking the fingerprint of the application. This is a hashcode unique for everything.

2. Easier access to menu bar


You no longer need to break your fingers to access the menu bar. We heard your bad feedback about it and we are truly grateful for that. We made it easier for you to access your licence info and settings menu on the top of the app.; What do you think about it?

3. What’s up next?

Currently we are working on Web Protection module, so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays and please share your feedback with us.