Tips For a Cyber Safe Summer

Vacation season is here! Time has come to take rest from work/school and enjoy some free time. You wouldn’t want something like malware bothering you and destroying your fun time, right? In that case, here are some tips to ensure your peace of mind this summer.

1. Fight the Viruses and Malware

Install the necessary antivirus and antimalware software on your phone and laptop before you leave for vacation. Keep it updated and run it regularly. Make sure that your operating system is fully updated as well.

To protect your PC go here.
To protect your phone go here.

2. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Even though everyone likes free Wi-Fi, the best solution would be not to use it at all. However, we know that for some of you this could be very difficult so at least try to use it only when truly necessary.

If you wish to connect to your company network, it would be best to do it via virtual private network. Turn off your Wi-Fi when you are not using it because your phone can unexpectedly connect to a hostile network through a saved Wi-Fi profile.

3. Create Stronger Passwords

Many people use the same password for different accounts to avoid confusion. However, this way you become an easy target for hackers. Come up with different and more complicated passwords or use services that can help you manage all passwords.

You can also change your passwords and use these new ones on vacation. Later, upon returning home you can change them back to those you were using before you left.

4. Encrypt Your Mobile Device

Since we are talking about passwords let’s not forget your phone. Protect it with a PIN or encrypt it. This will add an additional layer of protection if you phone get stolen.

5. Use GPS-Based Device Location Service

If you lose your phone, try to use GPS-based device location service that should be provided by your vendor. You can also use apps like ”Find Device” or ”Find My iPhone”, depending on whether you are using an Android or an iPhone.

6. Avoid Using Public Computers to Log In to Your Accounts

Never use public computers in public places like cafes, lobbies, airports etc. However, if you must use them then you must never forget to log out of your accounts when you finish. Don’t just press x to exit.

Another reason why you should avoid public computers is that hackers often install a key-logger on these computers, which records every keystroke you typed and then transmits all your passwords and other sensitive information back to the hacker.

7. Be Careful What You Share On Social Networks

We understand you wish to post beautiful and fun photos from your vacation. But think twice about what you really share because this way criminals learn that your house is empty.

Don’t announce plans and details about your vacation in advance. Always be very discrete when posting personal information on social media. You can always use settings to limit how and with whom you share information.

8. Known the Local Laws Regarding Online Behavior

Some activities such as alcohol drinking or openly declaring negative opinions about politics and politicians are illegal in some countries. If you share this online, you might get arrested.

9. Turn Off Auto Location and Check-In Applications

Don’t make it easy for criminals to easily identify where you are.

10. Always Bring Your Charger

Only charge your devices directly with a connection to an outlet. Don’t charge your devices by plugging into any foreign device. This will avoid transferring malware from an unknown charging station or a computer.

11. Arm Your Mobile Device or Laptop With an Anti-Keylogger

Having your data stolen, especially during your vacation, is definitely not your dream scenario. If we go back in the near past, we can localize many key-logger attacks on Android devices and laptops that made the security alerts for everyone users go high up!

Get your anti-keylogger protection for mobile device here or for your laptop here.

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

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  7. Oh, c'mon! Is it even possible? I mean, maybe it is, if you are the FBI agent, who is carrying absolutely secret files on your phone. But not for the ordinary person. I never miss the chance to join some free wifi spot when I'm in cafe or something. I think everything wrote here is overreaction. Better just read some instead of thinking about cyber safety.


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