Tips How to Prevent Any Type of Malware Coming Back to Your PC

Most of us have had some kind of a problem with malware in our cyber daily life. We all know how dangerous they can be. But the most annoying thing about malware is that often they come back.

Here are some tips on how to protect your PC and prevent different infections from causing you stress again.

1. You Must Have an Antivirus Protection

Your antivirus is the first wall of defense against malware. Even though antiviruses are not always able to detect new threats, they are still necessary on your PC.

2. Update Your Operating Systems and Browsers

Don’t leave updating of your operating systems and browsers for later! Always do it in time because malware can find its way in through vulnerabilities. You can also make sure that you have automatic updating turned on.

3. Use Windows Firewall

Keep in mind that using two firewalls might cause interference with one another.

4. Regularly Scan Your PC With Your Antivirus and Antimalware Software

Unfortunately, many of us forget to do it but this is very important. You should find time for it once a week. Don’t forget to scan your phone regularly as well. You have also a scheduled scan option.

Below you can see where to find it on Zemana AntiMalware user interface:

5. Connect to a Secure Network

Today almost everyone uses Wireless Internet Connection. Even though many of us like open networks, it is much safer to connect to a network that requires a password. Also, make sure to create a strong password for your Wi-fi network. This will prevent hackers (and your neighbours :p) from easily hacking into your Wi-fi.

6. Be Careful What You Click On!

Don’t click on every link that you see on websites or in your emails. If you are really curious about the link, hover over it and see where it is going to take you. Better safe than sorry!

7. Never Use the Same Password

Try using different passwords for different accounts. If you use the same password, hackers might easily figure it out and steal it. Make sure to mix lower case, upper case, different numbers and letters in order to create a strong password.

8. Be Cautious When Reading Emails

Approach emails that contain links or attachments with caution. If a message or what is being requested from you in the email seems suspicious, do not click on the provided links. So next time you receive an email saying you won 100.000$ just reject or delete such an email.

9. Don’t Trust Every Pop-Up Window

Some pop-up windows will try to convince you to buy or download something. It might offer free system scan or show an advertisement.

Your browser will probably offer you the option to block these pop ups, which you should definitely do. If not, then try to close it using the Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete) because sometimes pressing the x button is a trap.

10. Antimalware Protection Is Necessary 

Invest in your additional layer of protection because it will not only keep you safe from traditional viruses but from other different types of advanced malware types as well and mostly these are available on the web now.

Install and use Zemana AntiMalware because it will not conflict with your existing antivirus software. Ranked as the best ransomware protection on the market by MRG Effitas, Zemana AntiMalware will keep you safe from massive ransomware and malware attacks 24/7.

Keep in mind these tips in your fight against malware. Don’t forget that being aware and informed makes a big difference!

Stay safe with Zemana! 🙂

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  9. It is true that malware are the main threats to the PCs that do not have effective security measures. Unfortunately, after you have even identified a malware and eliminated it, it can keep on revisiting your PC. I thank the blogger very much for showing the techniques of preventing a malware from revisiting a PC.


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