Up for travel?! Here are 7 tips how to stay safe from cyber threats

Ok, we may all agree that our mobile device has become a very important extension of as in a way that it contains most of the data you need daily, your great photos and memories, valuable contacts and very sensitive information. While travelling our internet habits and the data we carry can put our privacy and data security at risk. So, since our mobile device is quite important to us and it contains very sensitive and valuable information, let’s follow these steps to keep it safe from cyber threats while we are on the Go.

1) Backup your data: It is better to have your date stored on two places rather than one so in case your phone is stolen or you lose it your data can be easily restored.

2) Beware of public Wi-Fi hot-spots: Come on, who doesn’t use public Wi-Fi connection while on a trip?! As soon as you get to some coffee shop you immediately look for the pass so you can publish some great photos, go through your mails or check your bank account. All of these actions have to be secured. You can never detect if someone is spying on you by yourself, therefore to connect to public Wi-Fi worry free install Zemana Mobile Antivirus. It will keep an eye all the time on your phone and to it just take a minute of your time to install it.

3) Turn on “find-my-phone” and remote wiping: If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use the find-your-phone feature to locate it. You’ll also want to wipe your device of any data so that someone who has your phone can’t access all your information. But these services don’t work if they aren’t turned on before you lose your device, so make sure they’re enabled.

4) Say no to unknown devices: Do not loan or hand over your device to anyone, even for a few minutes. Never attach unknown devices such as thumb drives to your laptop.

5) Turn off Bluetooth while travelling: Be careful when connecting your device to a rental car. Consider a rental car’s Bluetooth PBAP functionality, which loads up your entire address book, while also allowing other devices to connect with the car’s Bluetooth system.

6) Say NO to unnecessary staff: There is no need to bring unnecessary media devices or data storage devices while travelling since there is a bigger chance that they may be stolen and then say bye-bye to your private staff.

7) Password protection: We don’t even know if there is a need to mention this step but we will do it again since almost a third of smart phone users are not practicing any kind of passwords protection on their device. This info is a little bit disturbing since passwords are the beginning of your defense system and you should never forget it. So, no matter if you are traveling or not, enable password protection (not some lame one) and biometric identification.

But, do you know what you need at most? A personal on the go security guard.That’s right!

We have one for you and it’s the best travel partner you could ever wished for!

Zemana Mobile Security is your safe guard while you on the Go!

Every connection you create will be safe so feel free to do things online like a new trip arrangement or online booking, online payment and so one and so forth. It will stop anyone that has the intention to steal data stored on your mobile device; You can connect to any wi-fi worry free as it encrypts your online communications and you can also search the internet without worrying who is seeing or tracking your movement online.

Probably there is even more rules to follow in order to stay safe but all in all these are the crucial ones. However, if it is inconvenient for you to follow all these steps or if you want to save your time just install Zemana Mobile Security and start packing your bags already!

Get Zemana Mobile Antivirus here and happy travelling!

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