VB100 award for Zemana Endpoint Security

Zemana Endpoint Security Regularly Passes the VB100 Tests

The need for a better IT security is continuously growing because today even small businesses experience different virus outbreaks. That is why the number of antivirus products is also continuously growing in order to fulfill the need for a greater protection.

However, in the sea of so many different brands and products, it is sometimes difficult to find the best one.

When choosing for an antivirus protection, it is crucial to choose a product best suited for your company’s needs. It needs to be easy to install, easy to manage but at the same time very effective in detecting viruses and in providing you with the protection your business needs.

Therefore, evaluation of antivirus products is of high importance. This way, you will be certain that a product satisfies important expectations and standards. At the same time, once certified, a product is being continuously tested and checked.

Comparative Review by Virus Bulletin

One of the best known testing organizations, Virus Bulletin conducted their new Comparative Review in December 2017.

Our Zemana Endpoint Security was one of the 31 products that were tested. It successfully received a VB100 award.

For those with purchasing power, we recommend looking for products that pass the VB100 test regularly.

The review also included RAP (Reactive and Proactive) tests on how quickly the products detect new malware.

Zemana Endpoint Security successfuly detected several different types of malware based on its unique behaviour based malware detection, which allows it to evaluate an object based on its intended actions before it can actually execute that behavior.

Below you can see the results of Zemana Endpoint Security:

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Stay safe with Zemana 🙂 

30 thoughts on “VB100 award for Zemana Endpoint Security

  1. Thanks to the programmer, able, Always, succeed and win.
    also proud that this is the victory of your nation…,Merry Christmas,
    The support I found to be excellent with a very fast response time.
    Very nice indeed.

  2. Feliz em poder ver o crescimento da empresa. Espero que continue nesse continuo processo de evolução e nos agraciando com produtos cada vez mais eficazes no combate ao malware. Saudações do Rio de Janeiro/Brasil.

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