WannaCry: Still Threatening To Make You Cry

One and a half year later, WannaCry ransomware is still considered as one of the most serious threats in cyber world as well as the most widespread in the ransomware family. According to statistics, it has attacked 74,621 users worldwide.

Biggest Ransomware Epidemic in History

In May 2017, WannaCry caused one of the biggest ransomware epidemics in history and left devastating consequences. Its target were mostly businesses, factories and hospitals. WannaCry was unique because this was the first large ransomware attack targeted at the healthcare vertical and affected not only computers, but also many medical devices like MRI machines.

Unfortunately, latest data shows that it is still spreading uncontrollably.

WannaCry spreads via the use of the EternalBlue exploit, a leaked NSA hacking tool with worm-like capabilities.

Microsoft released a patch to protect systems from the exploit almost two months before WannaCry hit, but unfortunately, many organizations still hadn’t applied the update, leaving their network vulnerable.

Attackers know the power of EternalBlue, and still regularly deploy it to help spread trojans, cryptocurrency miners and other malware campaigns.


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Continuing Threat

The ending is not near. EternalBlue is still threatening unpatched and unprotected systems.

Many security experts are now concerned that the original version of WannaCry might not be the most urgent threat. It is rather the ability of hackers to reengineer and refine the malicious piece of software.

Many firms are still struggling to act a year after WannaCry, with IT security employees saying that their companies are more exposed than it was a year ago. It seems that there was panic immediately after the WannaCry attack, but nothing has changed since.

According to one of the studies, 62% of UK companies responded immediately after the attack and 38% redefined the process for reacting to security incidents. However, many businesses are still struggling with basic systems management tasks, such as patching, which are critical to preventing future attacks.

Lack of Awareness

One of the most crucial factors in enabling ransomware or any other type of malware to spread is lack of awareness. Senior leadership teams fail to realize how exposed their companies are to cyber threats. They also often fail in educating their employees about the dangers of cyber threats and ways to protect themselves.

Another crucial factor is that companies still don’t have backups of their critical data.

Companies should not let their guard down. They need to plan ahead to tackle the newest threats, making it difficult for attackers to be successful at their job.

Antivirus and Antimalware Protection is a Must

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