What are bootkits and rootkits and why are they so scary?

While it’s hip and trendy to write and talk about ransomware variants, we should also not forget to spread the word on malware that is located deep into a machine’s boot process or firmware and which can get unrestricted access to the entire computer. The ones that keep malware analyst bump their head on the wall and make them want to change their career and run far away from everyone and everything.
So, what are these nightmare viruses that make malware analysts go crazy?
They are called: Rootkit and Bootkit. Doesn’t say a lot so here is a little bit info.
A Bootkit infects the Master Boot Record (MBR) with its ability to get load into the Windows Kernel and bypassing full volume encryption, because the Master Boot Record is not encrypted. The master boot record holds the decryption software which asks for a password and decrypts the drive. The “special” feature of bootkit is that it cannot be detected by usual means of an operating system because all its components reside outside of the standard file systems.
A Rootkit is a program and sometimes even a set of programs that hides and embeds itself deep into computers operating system and allows remote users to operate and control the computer’s operating system.  While rootkit opens the door to areas which are forbidden to unauthorized users it also has the possibility to hide presence of its existence.
“Root” stands for a UNIX/Linux term that’s the equivalent of Administrator in Windows and “kit” refers to the software components.
They have been around for 20 years but once they have been found they didn’t have any malicious character but over a while cyber criminals found the nature of rootkits as very interesting and useful for malicious attacks.
What is the biggest issue?
Due to their possibility to hide very deep and to embed themselves into the operating system in such a way that allows many legitimate and important function calls and data to be passed through their oversight it can be very hard to remove them. Some researchers made it simpler to understand by comparing it to a hard-water filter installed on your water pipe system right outside of the point where the water enters your house.  So, in case you remove this filter, a problem will emerge with your water correctly getting into your house.  The same goes with a rootkit. You cannot remove it that easily since you can break some vital functionality of the operating system and make create even worse damage. Removal is not easy and when dealing with  these kinds of infections removal may require specialized software tools.
Zemana Labs spend a lot of time and invested years of experience in order to create the best possible rootkit and bootkit remediator. Due to the high malicious nature of the infection Zemana made it free to end users so they can effectively remove deep embedded rootkits and rootkits without damaging any vital functionalities of the operating system.
MRG Effitas defined it as the best rootkit remediator.
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Stay safe!

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