Why clicking the “X” closes Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 on my PC?

Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 is a free malware removal tool. The main purpose of this product is to detected and remove malware from your PC. For free.

Having said that, recently we have seen many support request asking: Why Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 closes when we click on “X”?

For one simple reason.

It doesn’t work in the background because it is a free removal tool and we do it for your overall PC’s health and for the better user experience. There is no need for this product to run in the background because there are no additional and unnecessary features on the product that require running in the background.

This product runs only when you keep it open because this is how the product works. So, whenever you suspect you have malware just open Zemana AntiMalware, detect the malware and remove it. Voila, that’s it. 🙂

However, you can open it again and again as much as you want. Just keep in mind it runs only when it is opened. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why clicking the “X” closes Zemana AntiMalware 3.0 on my PC?

  1. This is only a recent change is it not? I still prefer it to run in the background permanently if this becomes an option again!

  2. So, we need command line options mor than we need before. I try to use Zemana to scan files after a torrent download by my torrent client. I need command line switches yet I could no manage to find them by using /help or /?

    • Hi!

      Currently we don’t have command line support for ZAM 3.0 but we will consider this in future updates. 🙂

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