Why is cyber security essential in video games development?

When software development started to become a hit worldwide, cyber security matters were not that important. Everyone just focused on the functionality of the software itself and no one had time to focus on security issues since cyber criminal was not that famous then.

Now with the increase of cyber criminal, security became a top priority throughout all channels and all development phases of software.

Luckily, developers are extremely aware of it and find it as an essential concept.

Software industry has grown rapidly, especially in the past decade. Everyday some new software comes to the surface and with that new challenges arise as well. However, there is a software category that became a BUM in this field and that holds very tight fingers with cyber security.

Video games!

Video games are not a new concept but lately they became one of the software categories that generate massive revenues and have million of active users worldwide.

ESET experts conducted an interview with Andrés Rossi, CEO of Sismogames – an Argentine company that develops video games for social networks and mobile devices, a niche market that was in 2015 worth $1.97 billion in the US alone.

His opinion on security problems in video games industry is very straightforward:

 “Over the years, I have seen all sorts of incidents, from payment-card frauds, to cyber attacks targeting gamers and the subsequent claim of prizes, to exploitation of servers just for the sake of playing”, he described.

Besides he also noticed that most of these problems occur because of users’ irresponsibility:

“Irresponsible as it may seem, what I see most frequently are players who leave their accounts open in machines that do not belong to them, they just leave without logging off or erasing their private data.” 

Even though this irresponsible act shouldn’t even be present among users but actually it is one major problem that causes a lot of security incidents.

Besides, as he states, the security incidents are caused due to the fact that there are many malware that are stored within different flash drives or file attachments that go from user to user.

The importance of cyber security implementation in video games development is a MUST!

He continues that thinking about security implementation while developing a game must be part of the development routine although he believes that the ignorance towards security matters prevails among many video games developers.

He even highlighted the incident with Sony which had its online PlayStation platform compromised.

Online security implementation is something that everyone should work on

While playing a video game, user reveals different kind of sensitive information such as email accounts, Facebook account, credit card details while purchasing some virtual currencies or premium features/items and so on and so forth.

All these games collect very sensitive data, therefore all video games are potential targets to cyber criminals  which means that users data can be easily compromised and exposed.

Having this in mind, and the consequences it can make, each game developer should carefully implement security channels throughout the software in order to prevent possible cyber attacks and data breaches.

Online security as a essential part of video games

It is definitely not easy to focus on many things while developing a game therefore video game developer should work closely with security software companies that can easily implement security channels throughout the game.

The awareness on this matter has to be raised

Security incidents related to video games are increasing each minute. Millions of users trust game developers and reveal their data in order to play and enjoy the game. Therefore security software companies and game developer should work closely and as much possible decrease the security incidents in this industry and share awareness among users on possible security issues.

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