Why do you need Anti-keylogging app on your PC?

We came to a point where users worldwide are afraid to enjoy technology due to an increased number of security threats. I mean, one day you wake up to start your day as normal as usual and you decide to engage with a perfectly legitimate website in order to buy something for yourself without suspecting even a little bit that a cyber criminal has already installed a keylogger on your PC and now the scammer has the power to record everything you type.

How can a keylogger harm you?

A keylogger (keystroke logging or keylogging) is used by cyber criminals to track and record whatever you type on a keyboard without you being aware of it. By using this method cyber criminals can collect all you data, gain access to all your private accounts, engage in purchases and even criminals activities under your own name.

And then out of nowhere you are a victim. You lost your money, but even worse – you have lost your trust.

That is the key point here. Users lose trust.

It is one thing to be paranoid, but it is totally another thing to take needed precautions and to freely enjoy, surf the web and engage with websites worry-free.

You shouldn’t ignore technology and you shouldn’t be afraid to engage with different websites and enjoy your daily only activities.

So, what should you do?

Lately, there are many organizations and websites that advice you to use a virtual keyboard with numbers and letters in random places so users think they are safe enough.

However, even this is not secure since recently a Bastille Networks researcher Marc found a set of security issues in low-cost wireless keyboards that cyber criminals can exploit in order to collect all your passwords, sensitive data, credit card details and other.

Don’t panic. Luckily for you is that you don’t have to change your keyboard or spot any of these threats since there is a well-trained eye that will take care of that for you.

You just have to secure yourself with proper anti-keylogger software that will act as your bodyguard and will not let anything pass by.

Years ago, when keylogging was in the rise, Zemana developed anti-keylogger software – Zemana AntiLogger that aggressively combats keyloggers of all types.

It excels at fighting the most malicious type of keyloggers – financial malware.

The sole purpose of financial malware is to obtain your logins, passwords, credit card numbers and banking information, as well as valuable accounts such as stock trading accounts. Once that information is obtained, it is often sold to the highest bidder. Using our anti-keylogger software, you can wipe-out malicious keyloggers and maintain your privacy.


You don’t want your credit card information stolen. You don’t want your emails hacked into. You don’t want hackers to gain access to your personal information. Therefore, protect yourself if you aren’t already. Keyloggers are serious danger! Don’t let hackers profit from you!

Posted by Emre

  1. Just two quick questions. Does Zemana anti-keyloggers works with Lotus Notes, Truecrypt/Veracrypt and many other Windows apps or it just protect users from Web sites' username/password only ? Will there be a version for Linux (DEB base – Ubuntu,Mint,etc) in the future ? Thanks


  2. Sometimes there is a need to read the messages children and loved ones. That is why I installed keylogger software https://www.refog.com/ on computers in my house. So I can control some things that conceal from me.


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