ZAM 3.0 Release Notes: You Can Now Scan Your PC in Safe Mode Too!

With the help from all of you, our hard work on ZAM 3.0 continues.

Thanks to your comments, we realized that many of you were sad that the Safe Mode scanning feature was not available in ZAM 2.0.

So, you will be happy to learn that we changed this. From now on, with ZAM 3.0, you will be able to scan your PC in Safe Mode without any problems.

Let’s see what it is all about.

Here is How It Helps You

Many forms of malicious software will protect or reinstall themselves constantly if they are allowed to start in the first place. So, often the only way to correctly remove certain persistent virus and spyware programs is to run your system in safe mode.

Safe Mode starts your PC with a minimal set of drivers and services, enabling ZAM 3.0 to clean the malware. The basic idea is to allow a user (or a technical support worker) access to the Windows interface without loading any unnecessary drivers or software.

Safe Mode Options in ZAM 3.0

Windows offers you several different Safe Mode options. In the chart, you can see how our Cloud Scanner works with each of them:

Offline Scanner Online Scanner
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with
Safe Mode with Command Prompt  


However, we would recommend Safe Mode with Networking option, where ZAM 3.0 can work with full capacity (with both offline and online scanner).


Posted by Emre

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