Zemana got a perfect score on MRG Effitas Online Banking Certification

MRG Effitas, a UK-based independent IT security research company publishes an Online Banking Certification Report every year for the last four years. Since 2013, that single report has been replaced by quarterly assessments.

In the latest report Q2 2016 they have tested a group of internet security suits and anti-financial fraud applications whereby Zemana AntiLogger was one of the tested products.

The main purpose of the report is to show the ability of different products in detecting and blocking various financial malware and keyloggers.

As these two security threats have always been and still are major security issues due to the fact that they purpose is to grab user’s name and password from places that are used for online transactions. Another thing financial malware and keylogger can do is to steal login credentials from popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc or any other platform you share your private data with.

In this assessment (Q2 2016) they ran the following tests:

  • In-the-Wild Real Financial Malware Test – (86 live ITW samples were used)
  • Botnet Test – (detection of financial malware such as ZeusVM/KINS, SpyEye..)
  • Simulator Test – Powershell keylogger test (Tested of the oldest techniques to steal)
  • Simulator Test – (API hooking simulator test)

The below tables show the results and capability of different products tested in the Online Banking / Browser Security Certification Program.

Table 1: Q2 2016 In-the-Wild real financial malware test results
The above table shows the results of testing using In-the-Wild real financial malware where Zemana scored 100%.
Table 2: Q2 2016 Real Botnet tests results
The above table shows the results of testing using real financial malware where Zemana Antilogger detected and blocked financial malware from capturing login data.
Table 3: Q2 2016 Simulator test results
The above table shows the results of testing using the malware simulators where Zemana AntiLogger managed to block successfully all malware simulators.
We are glad that to announce that Zemana AntiLogger has succesfully blocked all the above threats. For you we have even better news. Here you can get Zemana AntiLogger 30% OFF and stay protected 100%.
In case you would like to check out all methodologies used during the report and all details of the above mentioned results you can see the report here.

Posted by Emre

  1. This is great! But the test was done with not the latest, stable 1.9 Antilogger. The most current version of Antilogger is 2.0 which is totally new. I wonder how that perform before I even use Antilogger 2.0 in a real environment.


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