ZAM 3.0 Release Notes: The New Version Is All About You

The progress on the beta version of our ZAM 3.0 is going great! All thanks to you, guys. However, there is still hard work to be done.

New ZAM 3.0 is all about you! In other words, we put our product road-map in your hands. You will lay foundations and then it is up to us to craft and improve the product based on your feedback.

Therefore, in the latest update, we have made some changes on the user interface of ZAM 3.0.

Let us show you what we did.

Feedback Section

After you perform a scan, a new Feedback Section will appear on UI, just like in the picture below.


We really need to know if the product was able to help you or not. This is highly important to us because your comments will help us in creating a bug free product.

Here Is How You Do It – So Simple!

If ZAM 3.0 detected and removed infections from your device, simply click the Yes button and tell us which issues it solved in the Tell Us More box.

On the other hand, let’s say you are certain that your device is infected but ZAM 3.0 did not detect any threats and you keep receiving notifications that your device is safe. In that case, click the No button and tell us what happened.

[wpvideo LTFPwtIU]

Where does your feedback go?

We created ZAM 3.0 Development Board and decided to share it publicly with all of you. Currently, we are regularly checking our user comments from our emails, blog, live chat, forums, product user interface and adding them to the board.

We will let you once the board is ready to go public and then you will be able to follow the process of requested actions – if they are in the progress, done or on hold.

We will also regularly update you on major changes and fixes we make on ZAM 3.0 here on our blog.

Posted by Emre

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